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for Gilmore Girls: A year in the life Continuation

9/24 c22 Angel
Luv the story thou just a bit of nitpicking "...and though Rory all the..." I think though should be taught otherwise the whole thing doesn't make sense (had to read it a few times to get it)
8/14 c18 lilkathra
in my opinion jess should not be at rorys wedding why should your ex be hat your wedding she needs to let go of all ex's does not matter if jess is now her cousin he's still a ex that your leading on rory cuz you dont let go of them
8/14 c17 lilkathra
rory you should have invited your father , your father was more supportive to your relationship to logan then your fucked up mother that could not hold a relationship ,she's only showing some support cuz your pregnant with his baby but if is had it her way you would be alone for the rest of your life cuz she wanted you all to her self in my opinion Lorelai was a horrible mother that did not want her child to grow the fuck up and not be dependent on her a child should have independent and learn how to take care of them self and not have to worry that if they fall in love with someone there mother hates cuz he is from a wealthy family that her mother will cut her out of her life and not talk to her maybe that's part of the reason she told him no a decade ago cuz let face it Lorelai was never suportive mother when she did not like someone she made it known , and lot of there problems where not just logan it was rory , logan help her steel his fathers boat when she was angry with his father logan never told her to steal the boat , and the whole jess thing in my opinion rory should jest left jess in the past if you don't want to restart a romantic relationship with ex then you should not have anything to do with them , not only did she meet up with jess she went on a date with him ,logan caught her and was a ass to jess but i thing jess deserves what he gat cuz jess was a loser not because he came from a poor family but because he never wanted to better himself by finishing school always starting something with the towns people and had no problem steel other mens women he never could just try and get a women to love him that was not taken , and the only reason logan slept with the bridemaids was because rory did not talk to him forever till the point logan though she just ghousted him for her ex , rory does not really do new boyfriends , she only dated 4 men , dean 3 times , jess one or more time , logan and paul rorys far from perfect but to Lorelai rory could do no wrong that it was always the mens fault that rory did something that Lorelai did not like when in reality they never forced her to do anything
1/26 c22 ShielaE
It looks like the insecure and selfish version of Rory is having a come back in this story. After all Logan's sacrifices, she can still imagine him being unfaithful and she is still stuck on what the reason or how easy Logan had and with her while with Odette. Hasn't Logan explained many many times that the engagement was arranged that even Odette knew it and they didn't each other. I strongly dislike this version of Rory here where her distrust, insecurities and selfishness are persistent from beginning to end.
11/5/2020 c26 leirose64
Thanks for a great story
10/11/2020 c26 52shari
Loved the ending. How perfect for those two
10/9/2020 c26 December Jeffries
It started off Rocky but it definitely immensely improved.
10/9/2020 c17 December Jeffries
I don't understand how she can not invite her dad and Lane to her wedding. That doesn't make since.
10/8/2020 c4 December Jeffries
This is ridiculous. Let me start by saying not your writing perse but her way of thinking. She purposely got pregnant by him just to cut him out of it. She is lieing to almost everyone about artificial insemination. She is basically telling him that he can't be involved in his child's life. In the words of Luke" I am her dad and I have rights". I would love for you to bring him in here to give his opinion. I want Luke to know the whole truth. Logan is OOC like crazy. There is no way in hell he would ever agree to this shit.
8/28/2020 c26 Guest
Great Job! I hope you keep on writing!
8/29/2020 c26 PGwonder
Thank you for this story! Hopefully you will share your second ff with us, a sequel perhaps?
8/28/2020 c26 21Gemmadog
Sad to see it was the end. Thank you for writing.
8/28/2020 c26 Tasnia Haque
It was a nice story
I was hoping more new chapters
8/26/2020 c23 RoryHuntzberger
Great update! Finn was great with Hope and it'll be nice to see more more of their old friends as well!
8/25/2020 c20 The Festis
I hope Mitchum Will be nicer and more human
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