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9/2 c6 66ScorplinginTraining
Hail! Hail! Drew is Gone! Yaaaasss!

Happy Birthday to us all!
Another great wrap up!
8/30 c6 3Lucy Conan
Loved this story! From the first chapter on I knew I had to read it in one go as my anxiety would go up with any cliffhangers! But that is actually a sign of qualitythe anxiety wouldn’t go up if I didn’t care about the story! Loved Selase get involved in keeping Paige safe and a birthday party...
8/29 c1 Margaret Gautier
Good story ending to this segment. I enjoyed reading it. I see Veronica has returned to the keep, and with her furniture in tow. Looks like she is settling on the Scorpion we will find out in future adventures at the Scorpion Keep. Are Walter's parents still there, and how is Megan doing?
8/29 c6 Susan
I love how Ralph got to share his adventure with the class. Especially since it is his birthday. And I’m assuming that traitor Florence got to stay at the Keep and teach in spite of her deception? Hmmmph!
And yes, the weather here in the Midwest is horrid.
8/29 c6 franxine bobo
thank you for a wonderful ending to that segment i actually teared up i know you will come back with another adventure with Walter Lord Of Scorpion Keep. I think you will have a lot of segments with this story and i must say your fight scenes are so action packed they are delightful, i went back and read all of them. stay sweet kiss the wife and you can relax for a couple days GOOD JOB
8/29 c6 Carol Ballinger Searls
An enjoyable story. Thank you so much.
8/29 c6 Marie
Really nice story Thank you
8/27 c5 Margaret Gautier
Good rules over evil. Good chapter with a great ending. Ralph with bravely told his father exactly how he felt about him, and rose up to be the squire/Paladin, and a with the faith of Athena showed his spineless father, that he was a strong defender of all that is good. The Scorpion team bond togather to rid the evil soldiers, of King Andrew, and Lord Walter took the evil king's life. Yes the good rules over evil.
I hope that the weather, in Indiana. Improves, and allows your wife to have a better quality of live. Take care of yourself, don't Put unnecessary pressure on yourself, if you are not able to finish a story, we will wait. You are the only fan fiction author that produces a story a day, in some cases we wait weeks before an update, from other authors. Writing is probably good therapy for you, but don't exhaust yourself, your wife needs you. Sorry
for the lecture, but thank you for your stories.
8/26 c5 franxine bobo
hey tim i would like to see selease biting off heads and fighting can you make it so
8/26 c5 Susan
Spectacular chapter. I agree with Francine, definitely worth the wait. So glad that Drew is gone. You have a flair and talent for these medieval stories. I love it!
8/26 c5 Franxine bobo
WOW that was worth the wait, you are by far the best writer in my best writers list this story will always have a story hidden inside of it so you don't have to worry about a theme for a long time.
8/26 c4 66ScorplinginTraining
Whoa! Go Ralphie Boy! He might have this handled before the ruling. And ousting Drew would be a perfect birthday gift. Yaaaaassss!

I guess we're going to see if Ralph has what it takes to become a Paladin? I just hope Walter can keep a reign on his temper during the proceedings.

Anxiously awaiting the decision... Or the final showdown... Biting my nails here... No pressure, of course. :-D
8/25 c4 Margaret Gautier
I enjoyed this chapter. Bless Ralph's love for his dad and mom, and the fact he loves them so much, he is willing to confront his bio father, and give him a piece of his mind-he wants to prove he is squire, learning to be a Paladin.
You have done a great job, in marrying Walter and Paige. Their honeymoons were written, in good taste. Passion and lovemaking is pretty much the same, in every story, it gets repetitive. It is fine to lead up to the moment, and fade away, and let the imagination take over, you know that's how movies did it in the "old days"' oops showing my age. You are a good author, Tim, you write the stories, I will read. Thank you.
8/24 c4 franxine bobo
after reading this story and the one whwer walter just gave megan the best day ever(i;m still crying) you two have done wonders for my mind thank you for giving us yourselves and i am mad it just seemed short but you always come through THANKS how are you and thw wife doing and sister
8/24 c4 Susan
Cliff hanger! I can’t wait to see what Andrew does and how Ralph responds. What a fine young man! Please, don’t make us wait long. But wait... we have to find out if Bard Walter wants an annulment. So many things to look forward too!
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