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4/22 c1 Katy
Hey :) Thank you for the sweet Story! I watched the last Episode today, so I tried everything to find another lovely Moment with Eva and Nicolas. To me your Story is perfect and I like the little poems, you wrote that very well! I wish, this would be the beginning of season 3 and I would enjoy it, if you would continue the Story.
2/3 c1 4BastetAmidala
I just finish the netflix show, and don’t want to leave this univers.
I love the Nicolas-Eva pairing. Thanks for letting me spend a fue more time with them. Thanks for this text, I love your rewrite of this scene and the future it brushes. :)
1/23 c1 1Lee Sleeveen
Thank you! I so needed this 3
1/15 c1 30Tristana702
love this ! new version of what really happen for season three! I liked Fabio but... Nicolas and Eva are perfect together ! <3
11/7/2020 c1 6MagsSky
I wish this could of happened in the show! I’m still so upset over S3
9/5/2020 c1 56gluegirl56
Wonderful ;) thank you for posting this!

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