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for Mobile Suit Gundam Titans rise

3/19 c14 Guest
A good end to the story.
1/28 c14 Kraut007
Alright, so Cima had an ace in her sleeve to get some dirt on Bask after all.
The Titans might rise, but in this timeline there still more good officers in the Federation arround and now they know that there was foul play.
That might turn into a full-blown Federation civil war.
Of course not before a lot of Federation citizen realize that its like to live under their very own versin of the Schutzstaffel. Not being hyperbolic here: The Titans got black uniforms, their own military branch, their own intelligence branch, their own R&D, the task to fight the "enemy within" just as the external enemies with all means they consider necessary and most of the members are recruited on the base of supporting a racist ideology. Also, they are in a rivalry with the ordinary Federation military.
Not really a subtle analogy that "Gundam Zeta" had there, but it works in the context of this setting.
1/19 c14 Chris the Metis
Whole thing bound to backfire on their faces and failed to realized is to ensure Earth remain dominating is to adapt and regarding non-earthborns as equals not another Gihren's bullcrap there is no doubt that General Reville and other put their foot down put down the Titans like rabid dogs they are.
1/15 c14 RoyalTwinFangs
I don't think that the AEUG would be as powerful or successful here as in canon. Some of their major aces and leaders aren't with them. ECOAS and Londo Bell may turn the other way or even help them but if the Titans catches on and prove that they help enemies of the stat the they may force them yo disband. Even if they reform later they would have a sigma of helping the enemy and make getting loyal EF lives, true or otherwise.
1/14 c14 R reyes
as always dude you know how to make me hate corrupts politicians man and even hate these 2even more the only thing they did make things worse when the titans were created in the first place. and what i mean is the Gate jeietai manga there is one here from gundam uc but the guy who wrote it haven't updated it for 2 years i think. so you cud do a separate one of it. after all you did that one of warcraft and halo dude. take care man
1/14 c14 11Moonreaper666
Tell me 6-4 pilot, if Tamir Rice was your son would you forgive his killers just like how Revil forgave Side 3 for killing BILLIONS AND GETTING AWAY WITH IT!


Side 3 did not suffer during the OYW!

The Axis Powers only got 60 Million people out of 2.6 Billion people killed. THREE FUCKING PERCENT!

Do you think the Allies wouldn't exterminate the Axis had they killed half of humanity!?

The forefathers of Zeon stormed the US Capitol several days ago!
1/14 c14 4Dragon lord Syed 101
good chapter and wrap up I have to ask is this the end or are we going to cover Advance of Zeta stuff
1/14 c14 8RedRat8
So just out of curiosity, will the members of the Albion Crew join up with the Titans like they did or will they stick to their roles or do something else? Also will you make mentions of events that have happened in various side stories of the Post One Year War event from the Gundam Legacy Manga or the The Wrath of Varuna manga, if you know of Battlefield Record U.C. 0081, or the Lost War Chronicles, and the South Seas Alliance, and how those events might have changed in light of your current timeline?
1/9 c13 11Moonreaper666
Even after massacring the Delaz Fleet, the bloodlust and hatred of the Federation military and civilian population is far from sated. They are inspecting Side 3 for any signs of resistance, any way to justify killing all of the Fascist pigs.

The Titans would have plenty of recruits and political power as long as two things are still valid:

-They focus their propaganda and operations against Side 3. Rountine 'inspections' (extorting Side 3 civilians) and live executions to show the public that they are the true protectors of the Federation, the ones that care for justice/vengeance. Starting by executing any Side 3 citizen, even children, tied to the Delaz Fleet or any other Zeon Remnants. Revil can't do shit because anger takes countless centuries to disappear, just like in Real Life

-Side 3 still does nothing to earn the Federation's forgiveness (What can Side 3 do to actually atone for killing over Half of Humanity?)

If Haman Karn still succeeds in colony dropping onto Ireland... expect Side 3 to be wiped off the map in the most horrific way possible

Even by the time of Reconguista, the people of Side 3 are still very heavily stigmatized. Treated worse than Blacks and Muslims in America

Muslims are a tiny minority in Gundam UC same with other religious groups. Atheism reigns supreme. Both Char and Amuro are Nonreligious though for different reasons
1/8 c13 Kraut007
Another remark:

Okay, so in this version Cima made a deal with Jamitov in order to lure the Delaz Fleet into a doomed plan and serve them to the Federation on a silver platter...enabling the Federation military to crush any suspected Zeon loyalists without accountiblity.

Well, at least now I dont have to feel sorry for the demise of the Cima Fleet, since they knew this was suicide for the sake of vengance and this would in fact hurt all people of Side 3 as well all Spacenoids in opposition to the Federation policy.

Also, I like how Nina and Kou in this version are not the dumb idiots from canon, who actually enabled Gato and Kelly to enact the second colony drop.
1/7 c13 Kraut007
And so it begins...
Like I said, Im quite hyped for the Titans conflict.

Anyway, I like how this chapter was filled with moral grey.
Plenty acknowledgement that the Federation really needs oto change but sadly will do in the wrong direction, while nit pretending that Space Nazis are the solution to these problems.

As Gundam UC is so strongly influenced by WW II, the settings best authors actually mimick quite well how post-WWI Germany was antagonized really bad by the victorious powers...but this was simply no excuse for the Nazi state to commit all kinds of crimes against the people of other nations and actually also against their own population (the first concentration camps in Germany were not build for the Jewish population but for the "Miesmacher" and the "Asoziale" that the regime found guilty of having the wrong attitude/mindset).

Therefore I enjoy a Gundam fan-setting that makes clear that not everyone from Side 3 is a "Sieg Zeon" fanatic, even if the rest of the world likes to think so.
1/5 c13 4Dragon lord Syed 101
Well that was just a end poor Dalaz their man the Freddie’s got the best victory out star dust possible didn’t they good us no colony drop
1/5 c13 RoyalTwinFangs
Nice chapter. You know kakarot197 made a series on if Char died.
1/4 c13 nliochristou
how many chaptersboth in this and the other stories) till we reach the Zeta saga;
1/4 c13 R reyes
well the old man shod have known but he ignored what happen to her on the 0079. i mean when they escape she went after that prick sakurai i think he was the one that give her the order ghiren give him then to her and blame her for it but nope. the old timer dint he just was to set on the operation. Gato did told him but he dint listen and that was his down fall. also pilot why. dont you have the feds develop the Gs gundams from thunderbolt story making them more stronger then the Gm units. i mean making them the Official suits since the feds develop the gundam so having them on the battlefield will make the zeon think they are True gundam types. also have you ever thought doing A Gate one with the gundam story. i mean you did the halo one on the world of warcraft dude so its your choice let me know how you feel about it man. take care out there
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