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for Mobile Suit Gundam Titans rise

1/4 c13 8RedRat8
Huh, guess Delaz snapped and practically gave his fleet the Swan Song then, that's interesting. Also Task Force Alpha, was that a Gundam Sentinel Reference?
1/4 c12 R reyes
i say it once and i will say it again i hope the bastard jamitov dies slowly with those with him i never like the pricks also dude a little dark there man on the ending. but still is nice to see you are ok take care dude also when will you do the one of mass effect cross over and uc man why don you do a little preview of it man
1/4 c12 11Moonreaper666
Shouldn't 'Guilt By Association' be used against Side 3 citizens connected to members of the Delaz Fleet?

The Headhunters should be used to secretly execute any Side 3 citizens with ties to the Delaz Fleet, innocent or not and definitely in a very brutal fashion and of course recorded on TV to show Side 3 the punishment for treason
1/4 c12 Kraut007
Another good chapter.
So here the future Titans are a little more pragmatic and dont allow another colony drop.
Well, the the very fact that the Delaz fleet got their hands on a new gundam and a nuclear device should give them enough political material.
No escape for the Cimna fleet either, but then their were not excatly angels and if you got no futher plans for them...
These Headhunters are a creepy bunch.
No you got me really hyped for you very own version of the Gryps War.
1/4 c12 4Dragon lord Syed 101
Holy God that was dark Zeon freaking taken out with any mercy or remorse the titans in this universe are going on scary butch with this group at its head
1/4 c12 RoyalTwinFangs
So the Titans will be mostly made from AI?
1/3 c12 justinq719
Oh Shhhiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttt...
1/3 c12 8RedRat8
Oh my, the Headhunters remind me quite a lot of the Machines from the Matrix, especially during the Human/Machine War when Machines sadistically tortured humans out of amusement and they have the same red eye color and the likes. So Cima never got to fight and the likes, shame she died here, but at lest the seeds she left will bloom if Synape figures out her message. Still though, sadistic A.I. controlled Mobile Suits, I can't help but worry this might lead to something like the Calamity War in Iron Blooded Orphans.
12/21/2020 c11 Kraut007
I saw your other stories on the UC Gundam timeline.
Pretty good AU take of this Verse. I like it and look forward what else you will write about this.
12/1/2020 c11 4Dragon lord Syed 101
good chapter interesting talk with the leadership of the federation military here
12/1/2020 c11 RoyalTwinFangs
Very nice chapter. Will they be sending Amuro into for this? He is their best Ace pilot here.
12/1/2020 c11 R reyes
nice chapter dude and i hope those titan aholes die on a really bad way jamitov and bask were those i hated the most on the gundam series
11/30/2020 c11 8RedRat8
I'm curious if Bask Oum and his men have any unique machines unlike the GM Command II and the GM Sniper III. And also yeah, we got our several OG characters cameos.
11/18/2020 c10 Thekiller7
Nice way to tie in Cima into the story
11/14/2020 c10 4Dragon lord Syed 101
Well, we got more of Cima and her backstory also she just gave our heroes info that will win the day perhaps? Finally good chapter and good luck
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