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for Mobile Suit Gundam Titans rise

10/4/2020 c6 8RedRat8
I can totally see Monsha looking down on Kou like that, he did fought alongside Amuro and saw the guy in action and became the Ace Legend that he is. And he does have a point, better to squash any delusions of grandeur and have them focus on what they realistically can do with their capabilities. And we see that Lunar Titanium Alloy is no longer as valued due to advanced in technology, showcasing that as powerful as some advances in science can be, they will be outdone by other performances in sciences. And nice, we get to see the Dogosse Giar-class appear much earlier.
10/4/2020 c6 4Dragon lord Syed 101
good chapter also so Bright isn't going turn the Delaz fleet to scap today unfortantly in other things Kou got AI neat also Gato is not live as he did isn't he
9/30/2020 c5 Thekiller7
Nice to see some immediate ripples with Nina coming clean from the get go
9/30/2020 c5 RoyalTwinFangs
Okay chapter.
9/29/2020 c5 R reyes
like always great work dude also unit 2 doesn't have the war head or the bazooka just weapon's
9/29/2020 c5 8RedRat8
Well at least Kou's fighting with his A.I. companion, and Keith will definitely need a different Mobile Suit since a Zaku F2 can't support an A.I. Program. Wonder what their personalities are like.
9/29/2020 c5 4Dragon lord Syed 101
good chapter so no Gm custdom here shame you got rid of Burning's main suit
9/28/2020 c3 Guest
If the GP02 had an AI installed none of this would have happened.
9/26/2020 c4 Dragon lord Syed 101
Wait a seconed is does that mean Feds are using Gm quels here or in this canon is the Sniper 3 just variant of the custom because both are
interesting but at the end of the day the Feds are using nicer gear.
9/26/2020 c4 RoyalTwinFangs
Okay chapter.
9/25/2020 c4 R reyes
nice chapter dude more also will kou place his a.i on the gundam and will burning recive the Gm custom unit
9/25/2020 c4 8RedRat8
Nuclear Armament? This version of the Gundam wasn't equipped with that, which meant that someone in their Intel messed up to allow them to get false news of a Nuke Carrying Mobile Suit. Wonder where they'll get a Nuke from if they realized the Gundam doesn't have one oh so much intrigue and chess work here!
9/21/2020 c3 fl0res
I wonder what company is in charge of the mobile suit merchandise?
9/20/2020 c3 RoyalTwinFangs
Okay chapter.
9/19/2020 c3 4Dragon lord Syed 101
And a Gundam just got jacked also Nina you just had to not install the AI's did you
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