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for All That for a Will

8/18 c1 Beverly
Beautiful piece , well written! Thank you for sharing.
8/17 c1 32ladybrit
Very true to Matt's character that he would rather give the ranch to some deserving sodbuster than keep it for himself. I don't remember the details of the episode too well but this seems to be a perfect ATC.
8/16 c1 58broncomap
First of all, I love the tone and style of this piece. Then the words and actions of our favorite characters are so true to themselves. Very enjoyable.
8/16 c1 52shari
Not that Matt wanted to dispose of the contents of the will but he wasn’t going to let the other three have it. I liked Matt letting kitty help with the decision. It walked right into her office with a rifle. All ends well and a good feeling of helping a family in need prevails.
8/16 c1 LovingmesomeMK
Good, straight to the point, conclusion to that old story. Thanks for this. More of these please!
8/16 c1 53Shellecah
Just the path Matt's compassionate heart would take, conscientiously thought out in his sensible way. This realistically written account embodies what I like so much about Matt Dillon. He hears out his friends, almost takes his lady Kitty's advice until Jasper shows up and Matt's heart speaks. He ponders everyone and everything involved, working the most beneficial course.

We don't hear Doc's opinion this time; he doesn't make material possession a priority and maybe he's not that interested. Kitty's suggestions are businesslike and Chester flies on the emotions of the moment, whereas what guides Matt is his scrupulous conscience.
8/16 c1 24ParkerPal
Excellent wrap up of unanswered questions! I always enjoy a tight story that draws me in and leaves me contented with the ending. I think first person makes it even more interesting, too.

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