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for Vegetarianism and Other Threats to the Order of the Universe

1/16 c1 1violettouch
Good point lol
11/8/2020 c1 Akmalia
I laughed about Eyelashes the camel lol
8/22/2020 c1 Shadow22739
Haha Luffy is so adorable, not wanting to eat possible friends!
8/18/2020 c1 mjscev
friend free diet! bwhahahahah! thanks for making this!
8/17/2020 c1 Guest
I was laughing so much! Great story! Friend free diet!
8/16/2020 c1 Paradox
brilliant hope this continues i could picture the wacky hijinks of a friend free diet maybe switching to fish having to focus of fishing up the smaller marine life other than the giant masses of protein known as sea kings

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