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for The Worth of a Bullet

8/17 c1 Phoenix
This is really good. Every time I have seen this episode I wonder ed what would have happened to Kate. Excellent ATC story .
8/17 c1 44Emmint
This was a good addition to the story but could have done with being a little longer
8/16 c1 52shari
Such sad and telling descriptions for Kate. At least she had companionship at the end. Andy just didn’t have a conscious or the mentality to realize you have to work for what you have and get in life
8/16 c1 57lostcowgirl
Your ATC begins to delve into Kate's heartbreak. She followed her own philosophy & killed a killer. Alas, you don't mention it, but Andy's downward path began with one of Kitty's girls. He became convinced she would see him as a man if he had money, which led to his being obsessed with his & his grandmother's relative poverty. It was that obsession that led to his killing the rancher his grandmother finally had enough money to pay off a loan he'd given her years ago in friendship. In short, this wonderful beginning calls for more story IMO.

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