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9/6 c1 Zerbrechlich
Oh that's really unusual! I think I'm a hopeless romantic then (but they're blind to obvious for sure)

Could I translate this love/friendship story for the Russian fanfiction website? There are some fans of this pairing, too!
8/26 c1 19CommonFlower
Fck me
8/23 c1 Kat
Can't choose which ending is my fave. Love how you write these 2. thanks for keeping them alive still!
8/21 c1 JustMyPillow
It’s amazing that you’re still managing to write this couple finding original and clever ways every time, I’m so glad for that! I would go for ending 1 because it put a smile on my face, of course I would easily accept ending 2. But I must say that I have a soft spot even for ending 3 because it’s really so frustratingly them! Thank you again!
8/20 c1 24Roadrunnerz
OMG...I love this! It's been a while since I've read a "choose-your-ending" story! You're also reminding me that I still miss these two.

"It's not a jerk-off file, is it?" - LOL

I confess I like Ending 2 the best. It is now canon. :p
8/20 c1 EllePGT
It was pretty good! I see them sending emails to each other. That would've been fun.
8/18 c1 guest
Most probable? Three. Casually possible? One. But what we all want to read... Two! Thanks for this gem.
8/18 c1 Flower70
Loved it! Thanks for this great story
8/16 c1 TPalesh
I have, in fact, read all three options...and guess what: no. 2 is my fav. Nice sapiosexual touch. Thanks for sharing!

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