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for Le Chemin Dans Mon Coeur

9/21 c25 elder441
So beautiful !
9/21 c25 BlerBlerBler
Great story! Can’t wait for the sequel
9/20 c23 Norevic Maghinay
ahhhhh im soooo glad frary'ssss back
9/19 c23 Norevic Maghinay
ahhhhh im soooo glad frary'ssss back
9/19 c23 38CalvinHobbesGatsby
Yay Frary 4 life!
9/19 c23 elder441
Loved this chapter !
9/19 c23 BlerBlerBler
A ma zing !

Finally! And with no unneeded harm or heart break! They are back! I loved them so!

I loved it... and i love that you have a sequel in mind!
9/17 c21 BlerBlerBler
I hope your sneaky trick works Francis!
I’m glad Mary and Louis are over...
9/17 c20 BlerBlerBler
Ok... I’m following your authors note at the end... I’ll trust you... but don’t let it happen for too long or get too serious
9/17 c21 CalvinHobbesGatsby
Mary needs to get Francis back ASAP
9/17 c19 elder441
I knew this was not going to be good for Mary, waiting so long and pushing him away. I really hope she doesn't let Louis in after this.
9/16 c19 BlerBlerBler
Ok i won’t hate you... for now... it was a emotionally charged and I really like this chapter ... Francis could have been a little less over-reacting, right?
9/16 c19 CalvinHobbesGatsby
You didn’t lie about this chapter being emotional. I’ll give you that. I pray Francis takes her back.
9/16 c18 elder441
I have a real bad feeling that Louis is going to do something that will screw this up for Mary.
9/15 c18 CalvinHobbesGatsby
It seems that I’ve become an addict for Frary fluff. Well done.
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