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10/28 c1 Guest
Will there ever be a next chapter. You've writing is great but I hate waiting for chapters. Sort of lose interest.
10/15 c1 Guest
When will we see another chapter? Love your stories, but the wait between chapters
9/18 c3 2Linda Borchers
Loving this story. Nice idea that they landed in the cave because of the blast, not because they disregarded the warning signs.
I am a huge Vin fan and always like h/c thrown his way.
Looking forward to the next chapter.
9/17 c3 millie2077
Poor Vin and Ezra. Hopefully they will be ok. The boys were lucky that nobody was killed. I really love your writing and this wonderful AU you created.
9/17 c3 Guest
Well glad all the boys are alive at least, but Vin seems the worse off of all of them. I know the parents will start to figure out something is terribly wrong, I just hope they realize before too much time comes to pass. I really enjoy your stories, please keep those chapter coming, love this storyline. Thank you.
9/16 c3 Kathy
another great chapter, and I'm glad you appreciate reviews, I enjoy reading the stories so like to let an author know when I like something, and know that I appreciate you writing and sharing, yes, great details so the extra length of the chapter worked well, such a worry for everyone, good detail of the trees falling over the hole, and so good they were all found in time and got the backpack, I'm already looking forward to more and finding out how they get out, thank you
9/16 c3 larafrank
A gorgous chapter. Thank you for posting. I love how the boys help each other and how brave everyone is. And i really love how Chris tries to warn Buck to avoid trouble with their parents.
9/15 c3 Guest
Thanks for the new chapter! I sure hope they think of the walkie talkie sooner than lster
9/14 c3 Hollie733
Thank you for this wonderful Buck-chapter. It's very well written and i love how the brothers help each other - even Ezra who is in a lot of pain. Cant wait for the next part.
9/14 c3 heilwig2002yahoo.de
A really magnificent chapter. I love the action and how Buck manages the whole mess. Interesting hints about Ezra's past. Please give us more soon.
9/14 c3 Panda s eagle
Hiya. That chapter was great. I loved everything about it. Can’t wait for more. Glad to hear everything is going well. Til next time. Keep up the good work
9/7 c2 Happy
:-) :-) :-)
9/7 c2 Happy
:-) :-)
8/24 c2 Guest
Wow really enjoyed this chapter! I can imagine young boys are drawn to a gold mind, never really worried about possible danger, but Buck should have been more cautious since he is older. Hope all the boys are ok, can’t wait to read more. Thanks for the entertainment!
8/23 c2 lotte2910
It is so wonderful that i found a new AU showing the boys as youngsters. Thank you for sharing your talent with us. Your Buck is such a nice, funloving boy and i enjoy how he shows his love to his brothers. But i also like how you write the other boys. Please give us more soon.
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