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2/24/2021 c33 1CrackHeadBlonde
Ash poor Naomi feeling all that pressure :( I also feel bad for Allison but I have a feeling she’ll have to be looped in at some point. Looking forward to more Naomi Paul interaction! And finding out what’s going on there! Update soon! :)
2/24/2021 c33 13asiasea
ooooh naomi can't phase! it makes sense to me, she's so new to all of this and she's not a naturally angry person (thought idk how "angry" the other guys are at default). maybe it's just because she's new, maybe there is a ~deeper~ reason? also i hope she and Paul can have a one-on-one talk soon!
2/24/2021 c33 4BMBMDooDoo-Doo-Doo-Doo
I know she's more hesitant to tell Paul her feelings but he needs to know! If he knew how she felt I don't think he'd feel as bad about the non-imprint! Hopefully she will soon!
Great chapter, looking forward to more!
2/23/2021 c33 seraphina987
Great chapter! I hope that Naomi will be able to shift again. It was really fun seeing her as a wolf.
2/4/2021 c32 BeccaSco
2/1/2021 c32 brankel1
1/31/2021 c32 1CrackHeadBlonde
Yay Leah bonding time! Still very curious about why she didn’t imprint in Paul! Update soon!
1/31/2021 c32 13asiasea
awwww, i figured naomi would have to miss school, but it was still so rough to read. she's such a stellar student! i really hope her she can return school (along with everyone else!) asap.
1/31/2021 c32 6the bohemian flow
Interesting chapter. I don’t know what to make of Naomi not imprinting on Paul so I can’t wait to read other chapters.
1/31/2021 c32 1Otterly.adorkable
I feel so sorry for Naomi. Some people might see missing finals as a worry for someone who likes school, but coming from someone who hates school, it’s so much more. It signifies Naomi abandoning her future for the sake of her hometown. And being forced to do it. I’m glad that Naomi has Leah to go through being a female wolf with. But I’m also weirdly disappointed in Sam. He’s just like “Hey. Yeah. You can’t go to college anymore. You have to stay in La Push. It’s our sacred duty.” I get that he went through the same thing, but it just hits different when it happens to Naomi. And can’t Naomi just not protect the tribe? Doesn’t she get a say in it? She didn’t ask for the wolf genes and the ability to shift. You *can* abandon the tribe. Jacob Black did it in canon when Bella had her baby. He ran all the way to Canada I think. Although his circumstances was more like a sabbatical, he still left tribal lands. And far away at that. So I think it’s feasible for Naomi to leave to continue college. Not that she *has* to do that. And that goes for the rest of the pack. IMO those “sacred duties” are just something the tribe’s elders and ancestors forced upon the current generation to follow traditions.
1/28/2021 c31 brankel1
1/27/2021 c31 4grandbea
Commmmeeee on pleeeease I need more!
1/27/2021 c31 1CrackHeadBlonde
Poor Paul :( hopefully Leah can help out Naomi with some wolf stuff! Update soon pls :)
1/27/2021 c31 13asiasea
aw, poor paul. her not imprinting on him seems to really getting to him :'( i like the elders' reasoning, every couple needs a level of seperateness! I wonder how this will play moving forward, like how paul will take her joining the fight against the newborn army. so glad she and Leah have each other!
1/27/2021 c31 Jess Bayliss
Love this story!
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