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1/27/2021 c31 13AmericusyoungXoXo
My favorite story on here! I love that her phasing is taking a different turn than ones before. Can’t wait for more!
1/27/2021 c31 GhostiP
I was drawing conclusions about imprinting last chapter, but it makes sense that it might be different for females. It’s just the first story I’ve read with that angle! That’s cool. I wonder if Allison will be told, now that she has two wolf kids? It must be something terrible for her as a mom to not know what is happening. But she’s not in the council, so, hm... I’m looking forward to what comes next.
1/26/2021 c30 GhostiP
So cool that Naomi turned into a wolf, unfortunate circumstances aside. But those last few sentences! What does it mean? Imprinting is one-sided? Or is there some sort of block? Oh. My. God. You’re not making this into a triangle type relationship, right?! I guess I’ll have to wait and see where it goes. Looking forward to the next update!
1/24/2021 c30 Merisana
Oh I honestly loved these last few chapters so much, and Naomi shifting was unexpected. I'm pretty nervous about the final lines of this chapter and I hope she will stay with Paul even if she won't imprint back on him. Can't wait to read the rest of the story so please update soon! :D
1/22/2021 c30 Guest
Oooooh this is getting interesting! Why didn't Naomi imprint? Is it because she is a girl? Or will she imprint on someone else but just see them as a brother figure and therefore upset the whole soulmate assumption? What if she imprints on Sam? Or Leah lol because they're practically already like sisters? Also when is her friend from college coming down to La Push? Will she end up with Embry? Ahhh so many questions! Basically, I can't wait to read more!
1/22/2021 c30 brankel1
1/22/2021 c30 LeeMinah92
I finally caught up! After being busy for so long I was finally able to read all the chapters I had missed and DAMN WHAT I MISSED.
I gotta say I am a little torn about Naomi turning into a ball of fluff cause I had kinda hopes she would continue to tell the story from her human narrative buuut at the same time it would be kinda weird for her not to turn considering the amount of Vampires in Seattle. I liked the chapters a lot and am looking forward to whats coming next especially cause it seems like she didn't imprint on Paul so whats going on here and OMG DOES SHE HAVE TO CUT HER PRECIOUS HAIR? That was my random thought haha
1/22/2021 c30 1PadfootCc
Oh no! Why can't she hear Paul? That ending has me so nervous. Can't wait for the next chapter.
1/21/2021 c30 2Queen Capricorn
I wonder what’s up with Naomi and Paul. They should still feel the imprint because Paul imprinted on her. They already have that relationship forming. Not being able to read each other’s mind was very interesting.
1/21/2021 c30 13asiasea
oooo she didn't imprint on him! i wonder what that means, maybe women shifters don't imprint? maybe naomi will imprint on someone else (wow could you imagine? i hope it's leah LMAOOOO)
1/21/2021 c30 1CrackHeadBlonde
Omg a twist, I wasn’t expecting her not to imprint back on him :0 Also that she can’t hear Paul, can’t wait to read why!
1/21/2021 c30 1Otterly.adorkable
I think I know what happened with Naomi not imprinting as a wolf. Is it because she already imprinted? I mean, Paul imprinted on her, the imprintee, but my theory goes that both parties imprint on each other. They both feel the same pull and connection to each other at the same time. So nothing happened because they both already imprinted on each other. At least that’s what I think.
1/21/2021 c29 Leah4Jacob4ever
I had a feeling you were going to possibly go this route eventually as numerous authors have also turned OCs into wolves randomly, BUT, at least you didn't have it happen right in the first chapter. I really hope Leah stays as the Alpha female as she was the first female who shifted. I have a requestplease do not have Leah end up with Embry. Imprint or not, that pairing is just one I don't support and she doesn't even like him. I prefer Jacob/Leah, but if that doesn't happen because of stupid imprinting, give Leah a really nice normal handsome male so she can eventually stop shifting. I really can't be the only person who hates Embry/Leah pairing stories. Great job. Can't wait for the next chapter.
1/17/2021 c29 GuestMG
Yayyyy Naomi is a wolf now!
1/16/2021 c29 1PadfootCc
I loved this chapter!
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