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for To Be Someone You Need

5/12/2021 c3 palmtreehead
Awesome story. I like that it shows Sho as both selfish and unselfish at the same time - I feel like he was kind of unlucky in that he really just took a bit too long to grow up and understand consequences. Ren’s backstory was also very sad but I love the thought of him trying to help her even after they’ve both died. Thanks for sharing
8/19/2020 c1 2kikoune
oh wow you and aki did an incredible Job! need yo go and watch that show nowlots of love -k
8/18/2020 c3 Guest
I cried a bit but loved it all I even love sho lol haha
8/18/2020 c3 H-Nala
Ohh new Netflix suggestion. A must now after this story!
8/17/2020 c3 paulagato
Justo hoy termine de verla ! me encanto la adaptacion a skip beat...HERMOSO!

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