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for I Love the Smell of Camembert in the Evening

11/26/2020 c1 Decker389
I love the way plagg reacted in this one. He almost died!
11/6/2020 c1 56JuliaFC
XD that was funny!
10/23/2020 c1 rspringb
I'm dying from laughter I woke my entire house up laughing so hard...
8/19/2020 c1 Guest
Plagg isn't a little shit. That is just something the fandom made up to be edgy. Plagg cares for Adrien. Ignoring Canon. Consider yourself warned.
8/18/2020 c1 9Phoenix203
My favorite part was the personification of Adrien's sweater! I laughed so much! Brilliant writing!
8/18/2020 c1 12Sailor Twilight Star
Dear Kawmi I am dying of laughter here
That was a Great reveal and having Plagg get a good laugh and such.. God

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