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for Temptation

9/28 c2 XxCarterFanxX
9/26 c2 Amymikk
Great chapter and I like how you have written it from Carla’s perspective too I really hope they don’t split but I think they will temporarily. I love the angst but I may the same time it’s nerve wracking. X
9/26 c2 CarlaConnor Lover
God this is just so good and beautifully and exceptionally worded and I hope that this is what happened after the cameras turned off I really really do xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
8/23 c1 XxCarterFanxX
Love this :)
8/18 c1 Amymikk
I don’t think peter will cheat I just think Debbie Webster will get the wrong end of the stick and want to cause some trouble. I have faith in peter. But will this highlight Peter and Carla's trust issues. X
8/18 c1 Guest
Love this...hope there’ll be another chapter
8/18 c1 CarlaConnor Lover
Wow this is so beautiful and detailed also I love how it's all from Carla's perspective in her mind and she's not just voicing them out loud to somebody else. Maybe you could do a Peter spent a night with Abi and Carla finds out if you were to ever continue this xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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