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for First Look: My Hero Academia version

6/4 c1 2TigerCat
Holy crap. Izuku with Overhaul alone is a terrifying power. Izuku realizing how stupid certain things are and wanting to, well, overhaul the system? Welp, time for a revolution.
5/29 c8 WearyCurmudgeon
- Powers
A) Low grade biokinetic a la Browbeat from "Worm".

Would buff his strength, which with the hardening and thrusters would allow for some hefty blows.

B) Minor Force Field projection (self only). Think Glory Girl from "Worm".

That would finish off the Flying Brick/FIST (P-36, I think was the name of the comic/webcomics where that acronym was first used. Superhero School story back in the day, '90s or 00s) archetype.

On their own each power is fairly weak, but in conjunction with each other.. Different ballgame.
5/29 c7 WearyCurmudgeon
- Inheritance
Okay, maybe I missed something in the source material, but WHY would OfA be limited to a single "host"?

It's genetics, not magic (like RWBY's Maiden Powers).

Bruce Banner gave his gamma irradiated blood to Jennifer Walters and she became She-Hulk.

Later on, IIRC, he had to do the same for Rick Jones who became another Hulk and managed to cure him, but the machine was destroyed thus preventing Bruce from doing the same for himself. (If memory serves, it was that initial transformation to a Hulk, which would pave the way to him becoming A-bomb, think that was his hero name.)

So why couldn't All Might have two or more "disciples" and let the best hero/heroine "win"?

But yeah, having said that d*ck move on his part in how he handled things here. Seems he's very much doing his best to forget his own past as a Quirkless person and how that felt to be treated like thrash by society.

He doesn't speak out against it and here he thinks it's perfectly alright to get someone's hopes up only to screw them over and then act surprised that they hate your guts for it.

*shakes head*
5/25 c8 176Firehedgehog
5/25 c8 DarkArc221
Maybe electrokinesis? Or a weak aerokinesis.
5/25 c8 4hnh058513
queue me laughing when this is paired with why OFA needs a Quirkless holder
5/25 c6 ilayhyams
I would love this to be made a story! Another option may be to go smaller instead of more
5/25 c4 ilayhyams
This one sounds really interesting, Mei or another support student would help a lot. He could be like Raiden from metal gear
5/25 c8 ilayhyams
This one slaps, I really do hope you make it.
5/25 c8 25Death Fury
5/25 c8 Neon1311
An interesting concept.

How about a minor skin regeneration quirk that works by shedding the skin like a snake and in Izukus case he can only heal small sections at a time. Combined with the hardening and fire quirk, it could allow him to fire the hardened skin as small projectiles from his hands and feet or depending on the size he could use a thin piece of his hardened skin as a knife.
5/25 c8 reaivyLS
Intresting sounding story, I wonder what the cover up will be and how they disguise 4-6 quirks as one.
5/25 c8 3doubledamn
Hmmm...When did Nana get OFA anyway?

As for other Quirk ideas, maybe a weak Stampede Quirk? Slow start, build momentum, bash through stuff (Juggernaut), each wall he goes through would charge the Kinetic Battery Quirk a bit.

2nd quirk to pair with the Hardening, originally a Free Body Manipulation, weakened to the point of just Limb Elongation and a slight reshaping to extremities.

Speaking of multiple Quirk Izuku ideas, you ever consider doing one where he gets (somehow) the Ultimate Eye, Spear & Shield from FMA:B?
5/24 c8 BoredKing
Maybe some sort of hypersense, or increased reflexs/speed but based on his adrenaline levels.
5/24 c8 1P.M.Alderhill
that is an interesting concept. and regarding the quirks maybe make one a healing factor or adaptation or shapeshifting quirk, so the minor effects it provides allows for the other organs he got transplanted to grow with him so he doesn't outgrow some of them or if they were all adult sized organs already so that he can adapt to them better. plus a minor healing factor or minor shapeshifting for the ability to shapeshift his surgical scarring away. I'm already imagining the synergy between the fire blasts and hardened limbs for a martial art like muaythai where he strikes with limbs powered with fire thrusts. and float and fire is self explained as you said he has thrusters. the stockpiling electrical one could synergize with the hardening one to make it more useful I guess. for that last one maybe a sensory quirk of some sort to round him up?
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