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for First Look: My Hero Academia version

4/15 c10 ShadowedDeath
Nice! I love it! It reads well and looks super dope!
4/9 c10 3wolfey141
A good mix would be izuku can have something similar to full metal alchemist. he can manipulate anything he touches and can combine into something new as long as he understands how it works.
3/3 c10 camdawg
I would love to see this one as a full story
2/27 c10 monman07
Yes More. Build this world
2/27 c10 ORKCHILD
I like where it is going so far and can hardly wait for more.
2/27 c10 Dylan-A-Friend
Nice! Would Love To See This Continued!
2/27 c10 3KagamiArisato
Would love to see more of this, maybe a jirou pairing? She is pretty close to yayarozu (I know I fucked up that spelling don’t lynch me) so maybe they’d get closer because of her? Just a thought.
2/26 c10 WearyCurmudgeon
I can easily picture the both of them being a tad overprotective of the other with regards to romantic interests, considering all the crud they went through together.

So anyone looking for a notch on their guitar or digging for gold is going to get a very frosty "welcome".

Also the power synergy between the two would seemingly be considerable as well. As he'd be able to make high calorie foods to refuel her on the quick. Based on your descriptions he'd be able to turn a roll of say "San Fransisco" biscuits/cookies into the equivalent of corned beef sandwiches or pasta or anything else that's high in calories.
2/26 c10 PasiveNox
Great chapter and fuck nigheye that bitch
2/26 c1 Gouravsilentreader
Love all of them
2/26 c10 236turbomagnus
That... actually sounds just like something Nighteye would do, trying to blacklist potential heroes simply because of who they are/might be related to. I look at some of the things he did in canon and it's not in the least out of character...

On another hand, I like the way you connect Momo's Creation and Overhaul's 'Overhaul' quirks. Normally, if Creation is compared to any other quirk, it's Fatgum's because of being powered by fat stores; this comparison, though, is based on other requirements - knowing what's being created/overhauled and how it's made - is, pardon the pun, very creative.
2/26 c10 28Kairan1979
Thanks for the new chapter.
2/26 c10 Tigerof2000
This sounds quite the run read and it is what would be the end game for this since I don't remember if your the writer who doesn't like to just repeat cannon
2/20 c6 Kairan1979
"Amazing what happens when nepotism doesn't get in the way".
True words were never spoken.
12/26/2021 c9 InfinityMask
That explanation need work I guess. And powering it up so it can be useful would take quite long time it seems.
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