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for Fate: Release recollect

1/16 c5 SixSpartan
nice story i'm courious to see how it evolves
9/26/2020 c1 22EternalKing
I’m honestly pretty hesitant to review because I honestly have nothing nice to say about this. Having read through the chapters, it just feels...messy. Things just don’t really make sense. Kazuto in this world and it’s not obvious if its natural birth(merging the series in question) or not. There’s the blatant desecration of universal mechanics such as EMIYA having memories of Kazuto, EMIYA not even holding his cards to his chest on top of still wanting Shirou dead yet is willing to go out of his way to save everyone else, Asuna as Assassin, EMIYA bringing out UBW for no logical reason, Kazuto not telling Shirou he’s a magus and that somehow being kept secret, things just either aren’t well thought or don’t have explainable reasons to them. Coming from someone who does like SAO, it feels like both Shirou and Kirito are boring, and the latter is given far too many blessings to fit in while the former is kept in the exact same situation for...no reason.

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