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for Duty to Cardassia Supersedes All - Part 3B - Closure

8/21 c1 20Rose d'Epine
A big thank you for this story.
I always love to read about Mellset and Garak but you did a great job with Ziyal. To be honest, I never ship Garak and Ziyal and mostly it was an issue with the writing. I could feel how the writers didn't know what to do with Ziyal. They didn't take time to give her some depht. She was supposed to brought a more "positive" view on Dukhat and to make an interesting connexion with Kira.
And then she was killed... and no one ever talked about her. When they meet Damar again, Ziyal's death was never mentionned.
It's a shame because, they could have done better, the plot about Kira Meru could have involved Ziyal. She loved her father but it could have been interesting to see an evolution in their relationship. Dukhat's obsession with Bajoran was creepy.
So, yes I find Ziyal/Garak's relationship in the show badly written even if the idea was interesting.

In your story, it was nice to have a closure because Ziyal was important in Garak's life and I'm piss off the writers forget about her.
8/19 c1 51evenstar8705
I enjoy writing and reading about character emotions and relationships, and this one has that. It's hard to speculate how an alien couple would interact with each other and react to circumstances. Heck, the show had trouble because they needed the audience to relate. I appreciate that there's effort to make them more distinct.

Cardassians aren't Vulcans, and Garak admits around season 3 that he basically developed a conscience. He empathized with the Bajorans. He experienced fear in close quarters, he shed tears, kissed Ziyal. It's not hard to believe he would change without Tain overshadowing him and finding love and acceptance not just from weird aliens on DS9 but with another of his own kind.

My heart goes out to both Melset and Ziyal. Two different women that have a positive influence on Garak. Melset doesn't seek to replace her but honors and cherishes her memory and her mate. It's touching and 'human', but humans don't have a monopoly on humanity.

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