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for Requiem for the Hollow Rose

4/7 c30 firewyrm2
Hey when you start the spin off with Summer could you let me know in the review response, I fear I might forget it. Best wishes.
4/7 c24 Guest
I enjoyed the story up to this point, but the romance killed it for me.
Sad I have to stop, but even though I doubt it'll be the focus, I can't actually bring myself to read it any further.
4/6 c30 RandomName3064
Summer not following social rules is more canon than i think anyone thinks it is. and with Ruby making the connection with the hound for us in episode 11, i'd LOVE to see your interpretation of how Summer got to SS after Salem poked and prodded her

and Oz isnt meant to do evil in a standard sense. the Evil is him telling people to fight for him and die in an unwinnable battle. V8 does a great job at showing this, and his admission is what leads to Hazel's character redemption in episode 9.

Unohana would make a quicker connection for the name Rose than you give her credit for. i hope you have her investigate her twinge. show a bit about what SS is doing, seeing the show never really did during the Hueco Mundo Invasion arc.

till next time!
4/5 c30 TooBad69
Well I got all caught up and honestly can say I’m glad I did so. Still going strong I see lol. I’m still and maybe even more so looking to see how Ruby returns home and what state/time she’ll be in. I also am kinda unsure who had the power to move Ruby and Summer to Earth/bleach. The one she talked to could be one of the Brother Gods or maybe the Soul King but personally I feel like that could be to obvious, like the first person you think did it definitely didn’t do it kinda scenario, so it must be Yhwach then with his All Fiction or whatever that broken ass ability is. Either way I hope to see more soon, keep up the goochie work.
4/5 c30 2PoofyOhio
This is starting to feel like Shippuden with how many flashbacks are happening.

Awww crescent is so adorable.
4/5 c30 The-Killer40513
When will Ruby go back to Remnant? I'm assuming that it'll be after the TYBW arc, and if she does how will she going to save everyone?
4/5 c30 Crimsomgear
i feel ruby would be pissed when she sees ichigo and the gang crescent. yet again, this is ichigo we're talking about, ofc he's go against order in order to save his friends and family

anyway, keep the good work mate, you're doing great
4/5 c30 2Mobian
Well that end for the Soul society and Las Noches because Crescent Rose and Yachiur are going ended up destroying both places with their pranks! Wait until Ichigo and met Teir because if though Ruby was strict she got nothing Teir. It's going to be interesting to see how the lower Arrancar see Ruby. I can't wait see everyone look on their faces when they find out that Lily is only part of a much stronger Arrancar. Great chapter.
4/4 c30 6L4 of the WEST
I have been FOOLED (probable by my own brain putting thing together in the wrong shape) but ah still good chapter
4/4 c30 8Vedahzii
aww poor crescent rose, she just wants some one to play with! but now with her new best friend yachiru she'll never be alone again! I wonder how long the soul society would last with the two going around. my guess, a week or two tops.
4/4 c30 C3l3st14
I can imagine Ruby now being a beast in hand-to-hand combat in this fic, the reason as to why I think that is that every sword fighting style can translate a lot to hand-to-hand from the position your body takes to the muscle mass you need to make really powerful strikes to end the battle as soon as possible, also, how muscular is Ruby in this fic? I'd imagine her beating the shit out a lot of demons, and hollows actually built up her muscle mass quite a bit?
4/4 c30 dolansosar
Your fanfic is incredible, I spent a week reading it without stopping
really thank you for such a well written story.
but after reaching this last chapter that you published I was wondering:
When Ruby gets to Remnant with her condition how to start will she be able to use any of her hollow abilities or receive any changes in her abilities?
Since her soul is composed of an amalgamation of several thousand other souls and taking into account that the semblances
hers are a by-product of her soul, her current condition should in some subtle way affect her powers and abilities in her home world beyond her faunus appearance.
(Postscript: forgive my spelling, English is not my language and I had to use google tractor for this message, thanks again for the story)
4/4 c30 firewyrm2
So now for Ruby’s reaction to their arrival and Ruby and Rukia finally meeting. Oh and Grimmjow is probably going to have a bad day(I salute you, guy who made poor choices). Can’t wait to see what happens next.
4/4 c30 Fregreg
Nice how Lynette and Crescent were the ones who met Ichigo and his friends before they entered Las Noches. Question will Yang be there when Raven meets up with Ruby?
4/4 c30 Spellflame
I cannot wait to see how crescent fights herself.
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