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for Requiem for the Hollow Rose

11/22/2021 c6 MutedArdor
My god the idea of having Ruby die alone in a place she has no clue about is already depressing but to have technically Ruby bury original Ruby just makes me want to question why everyone wants canon Ruby to go through similar hells. Definitely an interesting story and I am despite the depression enjoying it but one thing bugs me...

The 16 year old Ruby doesn't 'need' to mature in cannon, she's already more mature than a mass majority of adults irl atm. Somehow people got in their heads that 'maturity not being energetic, spontaneous, and fun' which is an immature view on maturity, go figure.
Maturity is the ability to control your emotions in a tough situation, and a good grasp on who you are as a person. Which describes Ruby better than most of the cast, she's the only consistent character because she doesn't need to change who she is because she knows who she is.
The idea that a more pessimistic view on the world of grey's makes you mature, is quite simply retarded. I never once noticed Ruby in cannon seeing things as black and white either, optimism doesn't equal immaturity. In fact her first talk with Blake confirmed she was fully aware that the world was a crappy place that needed more good people in it and she wanted to be one of them.
11/22/2021 c48 RandomName3064
sending in "V" The Visionary? dear f***ing god. overkill much?

im not to sure i see the logic in making Salem like that, though. the idea of her being lost to madness makes little sense.

you have her being angry and patient in the show proper. only angers in terms of people failing in her machinations. even to the point where she KNOWS its only a matter of time, cause nobody on the planet can actually stop her. a calm cool person that knows exactly how to manipulate people, best showcased on Cinder in V8.

making her like if Cinderella and the Red queen had a twisted love child just feels odd. its not like you need a way to write her off, seeing as she isnt close to power level of any sternritter.

i dont know. i suppose im not seeing it in the way you do.

either way, poor Penny. i do NOT wanna be within 100 MILES of "K" the Knowledge when Ruby finds out. thats the kind of biblical shit they put in the old testament to scare non-believers. shes going to turn him into a puddle, and i am 100 percent here for it.
11/22/2021 c1 MutedArdor
Definitely a sad and interesting scenario cooked up here...
Thinking about Ruby as a rotted corpse makes me want to cry harder than if it was any of the other characters. I hate the idea of such a cute, innocent, idealistic person with a bright personality going through a hell they don't deserve. It hurts more than if it were say Blake whom is pessimistic and cynical, Weiss whom honestly has a better head on her shoulders, or Yang whom wasn't fooling herself about the kind of hell she would be walking into.(Not to say Ruby is dumb, she knows, but I can't help but didn't fully understand it until Pyrrha and Penny.) Unfortunately this makes Ruby the perfect subject to make go through this to make it interesting lol.
11/22/2021 c48 4PoofyOhio
So, I have a question. Why do you write laughs like “ahahaha” instead of “hahaha”?

Anyway, keep on keeping on.
11/22/2021 c48 PUSSYSMASHER
Lol did blondie really draw Ascii art?
11/22/2021 c48 Rairi Valelira
How to conquer Atlas 101
11/21/2021 c48 firewyrm2
Maybe that could be the case but all of these Quincies so far have appeared to be quite overconfident so I doubt that one would so quickly resort to that as they would feel no satisfaction of winning. Plus I doubt any of them are on par with Ruby (except their higher ups). Plus you do have to remember that because all characters from Bleach lack an aura, all it takes is one precise blow to end them (albeit doing so is a hay in a needlestack situation). Finally, because Penny has a soul I doubt they can fully take her over.
11/21/2021 c48 2Mobian
This is going to make the Fall of Beacon look pleasant in compression. The Quincy have control of Altas and Penny has been brainwash by the Bleach version of Shockwave! I not see Harribel and crew surviving without a miracle happening. I hope Ruby’s dream doesn’t come true about her killing Yang. There is only four target left on Remnant worth of any value. And three them are right at Beacon. BG9 is going regret what did to Penny because Ruby going destroyed that android. Great chapter and boo cliffhanger.
11/21/2021 c48 Lucian Naruto
While all of this is going on, Cinder is licking her wounds in her room as Salem has grounded her. Hehehe!
I know Cinder has the threat level of an ant to Ruby, but are you going to put her thoughts and feelings on Ruby?
Cinder and Ruby's 'relationship' is one of the best points of the series, let's see how jealous Cinder will feel now
11/21/2021 c48 Argorok
Amazing chapter once again, please keep up the good work. Quincies have attacked both Las Noches and Atlas simultaneously, a bad omen of things to come. Winter has now become the Winter Maiden. Hopefully Winter can stall long enough until Ruby comes to help and Tier and the others can hold their own as well. Looks like a new war is on the horizon and it looks like it will be much worse this time. I can’t wait to see what happens next.
11/21/2021 c48 4Monster King
11/10/2021 c47 5Xeno01
Glad I saw the bandit tribe destroyed, they and Raven got what they deserved. I'm just a little bit sorry for Vernal, it is clearly shown in the canon that she was more of a victim of Raven's indoctrination in order to be used as a tool than a real criminal.
I think the quincys for now will just eliminate the grimms and build good relations with the local population, luckily they have no hostility towards humans. Who knows if any quincy will remember Summer and her selfless actions 1000 years ago.

Have Ruby and Grimmjow done it at the party yet? Okay, even if that scene was a bit confusing and vague, it wasn't very clear.
Summer has gone a little crazy will be fun in her interactions with the characters.
Taiyang with his simpleton attitude and unexpected success with women looks like a former harem protagonist ...
Ozpin is gradually losing magical power for two reasons, the first is that he has divided his power to create the maidens, second because every time he reincarnates the magic gradually merges with the aura of the successors and considering that these belong to the generation of humanity that does not use magic (as opposed to Ozma and Salem), therefore the magical spirit of Ozma and the bodies of the new guests are not sufficiently compatible.
I see Ruby's mates will learn a lot to mature from her and face their problems head on by following her example. If Ruby has overcome a lot of pain, they can do the same, for example Blake with the White Fang, Adam and the various problems about the faun, Ren with his past, Weiss with his family and Pyrrha with Jaune.

Everyone's reaction to Crescent was hilarious. lol
Even though her daughter was not conceived, that doesn't mean Ruby has no experience with men ... I already imagine the scene where she casually says it in front of her friends. :)
Now Ruby and Summer are giving fighting lessons, it will be interesting.

Thank you so much for the chapter, looking forward to the next update.
11/7/2021 c47 1Special fairing 15
Just what i thought, raven can't stand against Quincy and her tribe is defeated, nothing else left her has, I'm sure raven will be tortured by Quincy, Like it or not, I'm sure the raven has no choice but to be forced to join the Quincy, i hope raven and ruby/summer can meet

I want to see ruby in action at the vytal festival tournament, or the mission to capture neo and roman, or other missions, just want to know what their reaction will be if they face Ruby

Thanks for chapter that's really awesome always
11/6/2021 c47 8The Keeper of Worlds
….I feel a DEEP need to get Neo and Roman to safety and just go to fucking town on the Sternreitter forces in full. Ironically, if I played by Bleach rules, I think my zaunpakto would be one nobody would be able to react to, especially the Bankai. Subtle abilities beyond the obvious connotations of things are the best. Add in Visored evolution, and I think I can at LEAST one shot Bazz-B before he gets off his Shrift evolved form. The others like Superstar….I’m gonna need to time that shit right.
11/3/2021 c47 8L4 of the WEST
Hmm thing in RWBY seem to be going... Off script
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