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for Requiem for the Hollow Rose

12/11/2022 c47 Dicordum
gotta say, dont like that the Quincies are suddenly able to come to Remnant, they shouldn't be able to accomplish that, so it feels like you just threw it in to cause unnecessary conflict
12/11/2022 c58 Matthew
Whew, now that I've caught up where do I start?
So the best Fanfic I ever read on this site was Soul Chess. This one is, I believe, in that same upper echelon on story telling. I read the first chapter tentatively like I do with everything, but was immediately hooked. I've enjoyed the merging of these two worlds, and am hyped to see more. Thank you for all your hard work so far!
12/10/2022 c43 Dicordum
ok, just got to the end of the talk with the Soul King and GoD, and i just wanna say, im REALLY hoping GoD gives Ruby a body that lets her use her powers because i SWEAR to fucking GOD if you nerf her i will find you, and choke you with a soda bottle!
12/10/2022 c42 Dicordum
its just my personality but...i dislike that Ruby has no want to grow in strength, it grates against everything i believe in, she has the potential for immense power, squandering that potential is an insilt
12/10/2022 c42 Dicordum
im gonna be honest, the constant switching between Summer and Ruby has been, and still is extremely confusing, atleast when one or the other spoke from the sword, i could imagine what was happening but ive got no idea anymore
12/10/2022 c41 Dicordum
ya know, this may be one moment i FULLY, disagree with Summer, fate should be destroyed the first chance you get, otherwise your a slave, you'll never make your own choices, your own decisions, everything you do, every choice you make is someone elses, not even your relationships are real, your friends with them because fate said so, hes your husband because fate said so, shes your daughter because fate said so, fate is a slave collar strangling your throat that deserves to be torn off and crushed
12/10/2022 c41 Dicordum
havent finished yet, Ichigo just showed up, and ahhhhh i always do hate it when the mc is weaker than the other characters, even after so goddamn long, then again i could be forgetting things, memories not too good
12/9/2022 c18 Dicordum
is it weird that i wanna see Ruby copy quincy abilities into Hollow abilities PURELY because i wanna see what a bow made of Hell Reiatsu would look like?
12/9/2022 c16 Dicordum
ok, going off the review answers in this chapter, if not "Hunt" then maybe "Reap"? because weirdly enough, alot of Ruby's family use Scythes, her, Qrow, i think Summer, im unsure about other family
12/9/2022 c14 Dicordum
im gonna be honest, i feel like ruby is spitting on Masaki's memory by running away like a coward, so now not only are Ichigo, Yuzu, and Karin losing their mother, they're losing their sister too, which is a horrid, and selfish thing to do to children so young
12/9/2022 c14 Dicordum
*sigh* not done with the chapter yet, but why do i keep finding books with mcs who are warriors and then they have to deal with mental bullshit and no longer want to fight anymore, i just want MCs to fucking murder shit, is that too much to ask?
12/9/2022 c10 Dicordum
ok, you gotta understand, i love weapons almost as much as rwby does, i dont know anything about making them but weapons themselves make me super giddy, so i cannot wait to see how Cresent Rose changes, both in powers and appearance, becoming more scythe like than it originally was
12/9/2022 c1 Dicordum
haven't read anything yet, but is it bad that i hope Ruby gets Hollow forms and abilities?
12/5/2022 c58 4PoofyOhio
Man, Yhwach really likes to fucking run his mouth, absolutely must love the sound of his own voice.
11/24/2022 c58 RandomName3064
"ahh so you are seeing a full group of children on beacons grounds? interesting..."

my god having two Aizens is gonna be stupid, and im here for how crazy its gonna get

the problem with pure judgement is laid bare, which i was half tempted to do myself, so thanks for saving my keyboard.

also, you killed off another character i rather liked. das some BS.

the players are all assembled. when do we get that Avengers moment? cause i REALLY want it.

im super ready for dialogue heavy chapter. finding out whos gone or not, injured, and who will be ready. and just what the hell the plan is. character interactions are my crack. im super pumped.
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