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11/20/2022 c58 PhenomsServant
Ok first time reviewer. Started reading RWBY crossover fanfics to fill the void of no V9 (shoutout to AoCOM’s RWBY/DMC fanfic btw) and started reading yours about a couple months ago. Really like it and say that it’s great although I have to say the pacing is glacially slow. And I know this is a topic you’re probably sick of having brought up but I really don’t like how WBY and the rest of the RWBY cast seen so distant to the story. They haven’t got the do anything significant, theyre pretty much ants in comparison to everyone on the Bleach side from a power scaling perspective, (and if your solution to even the balance between the two series is to nerf Ruby and Ichigo like you did that’s a bad way of doing it) heck Yang lost both her arms and that barely is being addressed? How do you expect the puncher to fight without any arms and why does Yang seems so casual about it? We saw how it affected her when Adam dismembered her and at least he left her with one of them.

I hate to be an asshole on my first review. I want to emphasize I really do love this story, the character have been written well, Ruby has had great development, your deviations from the canon have been great, and I have been eagerly waiting for the next chapter since I caught up, but I am not the kind of person who is going to leave a review to just simply say “Great chapter, keep up the good work” or to point out the obvious and say “Oh wow looks like Ruby is in trouble”. I typically leave only constructive reviews. I trust that you have something planned (especially since you’ve been assuring us about this for the past 10-20 chapters) but it still seems like Ruby is the only RWBY that matters.
11/20/2022 c58 Farhan Nugraha
-Can i ask what ruby death aspect when she become espada
-Hope you will give ichigo his manga power up zangetsu aka dual sword ichigo.
-what brunhilde or penny schirft ?
- I wonder later Crescent will have fate destiny well but its up to you
- now let's go aizen in ruby group now ah and he can restored her arrancar power please do that it hurt me when she is just like beast and now can't fight back
-what happend to kon and the other konpaku?
11/20/2022 c58 5Xeno01
Hahaha! And finally comes Aizen to troll everyone!

Yhwach is a racist idiot and Galathea is a rule freak. They are one worse than the other.
While Kyouka is the rational and sane one.
That was indeed a bizarre family reunion, the desire for brotherhood must be normal among them.

Poor students and hunters, forced to do nothing while watching so many OP characters.
Ichigo and family are in a bit of a difficult situation due to their quincy blood, but I'm sure they will get over it. I wonder how Yang and Ichigo will interact, did she develop an initial interest in the boy, will it be a relationship as members of an extended family (like pseudo siblings through Ruby) or something more? :)
Beacon has fallen, and now Remnant is under the control of Yhwach and the Quincy. This was predictable but it's not necessarily bad, the important thing is that our protagonists maintain the freedom to act as they see fit.
They are all on Earth now and will be healed by Orihime, I wonder how they react to the new world.
Saved at the last moment thanks to the efforts of Kisuke, Kyouka and especially Aizen Sosuke.

Aizen: This was all part of my plan. lol

Thanks for the chapter, looking forward to the next update.
11/20/2022 c57 Rairi Valelira
Lot less ruby happening
11/20/2022 c58 Argorok
Amazing character once again, please update again soon. Things are starting to get quite complicated. I wonder how the others will eventually stop Yhwach and save Remnant.
11/20/2022 c58 Lucian Naruto
Prepare the tea! For an Aizen without tea would not be Aizen. Hehehe!
11/20/2022 c58 4Monster King
Awesome work
11/4/2022 c57 1Fezzgator
I am so sorry I didn't write sooner, I somehow thought I had already left a review. Anyway, Having never actually read the last arc of the Bleach story, I didn't know how much of what was being portrayed here was close to canon or not. Given how...rough you've been with characters in the past anything was possible. I can't speak for anyone else but I did find Byakuya's death pointless and brutal, devoid of the glory of a noble sacrifice. It was as shocking as it was sudden and that is war. Well done. You have a talent for painting harsh scenes, balanced by wonderful cathartic ones. I can't tell you how much I look forward to such scenes. Having been playing catch up all this time, I have no idea how everyone else managed to wait between chapters as I now have to do. Its torture, but the very best kind. Thank you so much for crafting this story and I look forward to more.
8/31/2022 c57 5Xeno01
It seems the Soul Society isn't doing very well. The Gotei went with Yamamoto. And the only thing that separates Ywatch from the Soul King is the royal guard. Meanwhile, Ruby and her friends and allies will have to find in their own way a method to defeat their fearsome enemies.
Poor Rukia, forced to watch her brother die. I think it was good that she met Momo in the Rukon to help her. I like the sense of justice she has gained by knowing Ruby.
Shinji stabbing Emerald who has similar powers to Aizen makes him really ironic. lol

Stupid Raven, you suffered some injustices but that didn't justify all the actions you did. Always using Ozpin as an excuse for her actions, when she could easily leave the war against Salem without necessarily having to leave her family. Much less commit crimes.
"They were too blind to see the truth" They weren't blind enough not to understand Salem's threat, she magnified the fight she had with them by accusing them of ostracizing and treating her like the black sheep. The STRQ team were the only ones who loved her unconditionally despite her flaws. She abandoned them, not the other way around.
She became her black sheep of her own free will, blaming others and using a bunch of excuses as the survival of the fittest philosophy.
Raven will have to take responsibility one day and admit she was wrong.

Thanks so much for the chapter.
8/29/2022 c57 Argorok
Amazing chapter once again, please keeping up the good work things are not looking good with the death of Byakuya. They need a miracle to turn things around now. Will the miracle be either Ruby, Ichigo, or something else entirely? Can’t wait to see what comes next.
8/29/2022 c57 Lucian Naruto
All this talk Raven is talking about... if with Taiyang this is already difficult for her, I think she'll cry if she talks to Summer.
8/29/2022 c57 4Monster King
Good job
8/12/2022 c56 1Fezzgator
I have so much I want to say and express. I only discovered your story right after you posted the latest chapter and its taken me a month to work my way through it. That may sound like I've taken my time but I assure you, with my own busy life which includes my own story (a pale joke of a story compared to yours I might add), I have used every spare moment to consume your epic tale. Hard as it was to read at times given just how much suffering you've put poor Ruby through, I still felt compelled to press on and I very much feel I have been deeply rewarded. My great regret is that I missed so much as it was coming out and missed the chance to comment as it happened.

As much as I want to share those thoughts, I will spare you the dissertation and instead focus the the more recent events. I realize you'll answer this as you appear to have every single detail already planned out but I can't help but wonder how the Quincies, within a day or Ruby's return home, could have discovered her world and planned an invasion. Again, I trust it will be explained but for the time being feels like a stretch. Of course, this may just be sour grapes from me for the fact that Ruby didn't even get a day home before things started to go to hell, even if it took a week for it to reach her.

I also had to wonder what, if anything, the Soul King communicated to the Queen of Hell. She has been quite clear that Ruby should be returned to her even though it was revealed she was only there at the behest of the her (Queen of Hell's) creator. Ruby had been rewarded for that unjust suffering and the Queen should have no right to her. I take it then that the Queen is entirely unaware of those facts and it hurts me to think Ruby must suffer more as she indeed is at this very moment. Given this story's putting such value on karmatic justice, I am trusting you that Ruby, Summer and Crescent will indeed be justly compensated for all that has and will transpire.

With all that out of the way, let me just say how impressed I am with what you have done thus far. Again, t has been a joy to read, even if there has been so much to get through to finally catch up. I would be lying if I didn't say it has distracted me from working on my own story and will have to rush to meet my own monthly schedule. I just have no idea how you have managed to produce so much so quickly (I realize this is relative but understand that I, on average, can only publish a 8k chapter a month). Thank you so much for having taken the time and effort to craft this wonderfully realized story. You have yourself another devotee and though I am quiet by nature, I will endeavor to review each chapter going forward as I feel it is the least you deserve for all your work. Thank you.
7/30/2022 c56 Guest
I like Ruby in this fight, in full berserker mode. It looks like Naruto kyuubi mode.
7/18/2022 c56 RandomName3064
i actually was trying to recall how Mayuri died. might need to make a kill 'by and how' spreadsheet. lol

a mind honed hollow? interesting idea. silver eye related, id assume. being from divinity, the Hell Queen would have no real control over it. must be why she needs consent. Summer really came right into that trap for her daughter.

the Quincy to save the day.

so Ozpin knowing who Penny is. thats gonna be really fun in future chapters

man its gonna be interesting to see the King and the new Salem talk.

what do you mean there are RWBY characters in this?

honestly the problem is logic. Yes Bleach characters can level cities and all that jazz, but both Bleach and RWBY use the soul as a power source.

all you really need is to level the soul in power. if only a certain god had interest in both worlds...
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