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7/1 c37 RandomName3064
so its been a while.

i will say, catching up has been fun.

all the fights, having Lily berate Chad and Orihime, Unohana be just as awesome as she always is, changing the manifestation of White, killing of Yami (thankfully. espada 0 was a total a**pull). so many good things.

Summer seemed to know too much about that quincy-hollow thing with Ichigo. maybe thats me not remembering everything from the early chapters

some repeated words and phrases though. like that one time Byakuya used Ichigo's full name like 5 times in a single paragraph.

Hado 95 is a fascinating idea. having it possibly be permanent seems like a cheep way to get rid of characters, though.

his ideologies and talking points are 100% amazing though. this is some of the best written Aizen i have ever seen.

no need to write off the soul reapers so easily though. given i can understand the story isnt focused on them, but skipping over fights just feels disingenuous. the only issues i ever had with the fake town arc was the pacing was god awful, but thats because they were trying not to overtake the Manga chapters.

i have no issue with making fights faster, to using Hado 95 to "trim the fat", but even the after effects forgot Matsumoto and worked on Kensei, who is easily the most level headed next to Shinji. his Zanpaktou is even wind knives. based on precision, level headed steel will stuff. (id also argue Komamura, but you can say his animal instincts couldnt handle it or smth)

Now seeing how Yama was in this arc, i cant help but wonder what him going full old man fist on Aizen would be like now? the show was a boring write off, but now we have his fully conceptualized Bankai on the table...Wonderweiss only existed to seal his flame. his Bankai condenses his flame into his sword. s*** we might not even need Ruby.

talking about how Aizen is so smart, i hope we get to see this from Yama this time around...

till the next chapter (or 10, if im lazy again)
7/1 c37 Crimsomgear
that spell actually scary, while it doesn't deal structurl amd environmental damage, the mental damage it done the point of insanity and making ally and foe to turn and attack among themself is scary.
6/30 c37 Lucian Naruto
Karin watched the scene with a suspicious look but her thoughts were interrupted when they were soon joined by Unohana and Rukia.

That's right Karin... Ruby likes bad boys.
Imagine Ichigo and Yuzu's reactions? Or better yet, Yang's reaction? Hehehe!
6/29 c37 Battlesny
how does Ichiho defeating Ulquiorra cancel out Ulquiorra's already existing loyalty to Aizen? shouldn't he need to defeat Aizen for that logic to work? otherwise it's just a teeter totter thing of follow Aizen -follow Ichihofollow Aizenfollow Ichigo, until somebody gets fed up with the disloyalty follower and deals with him.
6/29 c37 The-Killer40513
Is it possible for Ruby and Summer to separate like with Crescent?
6/29 c37 8Vedahzii
yo... what the fuck... I don't really have words. should have known the insane part of the story should have come back eventually... but... yeah I don't really have much to add...
6/29 c37 Ninguem248
Another delicious chapter, I believe you are approaching half of the fanfic? I don't know, but I know there's still a long way to go and keep the determination to write this story as much as you can, it's wonderful.
6/29 c37 firewyrm2
Hopefully they find a way to restore the sanity of the soul reapers and Momo finally snaps out of Aizen’s brainwashing.
6/29 c37 Argorok
Excellent chapter once again, please keep keep up the good work. The Winter War has finally begun, I can’t wait to see Ruby’s part in the war and hope she gets much more powerful to fight Aizen in the final battle.
6/28 c37 Cyan-Snake
Kinda upset about Ruby with Grim. Thought I read something earlier about lesbian maybe harem for Ruby, and now she's with grumpy cat for... reasons? They get along worse than literally everyone else Ruby has a relationship with. Still looking forward to more.
6/28 c37 Athrick
Another good chapter. When Zangestsu says Ichigo could use all of his power unrestricted does that mean Ichigo will have the power his Vasto Lorde form has while he has control? Cause I doubt you’ll give him his true bankai just to beat Aizen. Well whatever it is I can’t wait to read it. I’m still excited about Ruby going back to Remnant.
6/24 c36 3Xeno01
Fantastic new form of Ruby! ... she has become a cat girl, I wonder how Blake will react. lol
Great fight, Ruby has definitely improved, although I don't quite understand her exact power level. The way she has led her fellow arrancar shows that she has good leadership skills.
I liked the spanking she gave the children.
I was expecting some more reaction when Ruby explained that she was from another world.
I think both she and Ichigo have finally learned from their mistakes.
With Summer's jokes, I'm sorry for Unohana, 1000 years and no luck with men. lol
The battle of the Gotei 13 against Aizen began with an initial head-to-head which has now brought the Arrancars to the advantage, I hope that individuals like Barragan and Mayuri are dead because they should only die for the welfare of both sides, and that the family of Ruby is still alive.
Ulquiorra will now go over to Ruby's side, but I wonder what her new motivations will be for her in helping her against Aizen.
Thanks for the chapter I look forward to the next update.
6/20 c36 1NEGATARO
Yes another chapter, i can't waiting for Ruby to return remnant, don't worry i still waiting for you, oh yeah can't see Ruby bankai too, are she gonna uses bankai fight aizen (yeah know like Ichigo final getsuga tenshou) with Ichigo or are she gonna uses suprise too react team Weiss, Yang, Blake and other from remnant, and yeah can't wait see beat Salem, cinder and clone Grimm Ruby (sorry i'm just imagining alright about arrancar Ruby vs Grimm Ruby on remnant, just i say no way Grimm Ruby beat arrancar Ruby because she stronger and she have bankai, resurreccion and sonido more faster than shunpo)

and perfect chapter bro, amazing work
6/19 c36 Ninguem248
Phenomenal, during my time reading fanfic I found many great and wonderful, but yours... So well written, feelings so well expressed. In just 11 months, you released excellent chapters and masterful quality, your writing compares to many professional writers, I've never seen a fanfic with such quality.
6/18 c36 Athrick
Super good chapter as always. I can’t wait for Ruby to return to Remnant.
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