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for Requiem for the Hollow Rose

7/15/2022 c1 Binaryrecord274
Holy shit !the story flow and character development is just bad. It’s felt like you strapped the plot to a wrecking ball and smashed it through the metaphorical brick wall that could have been interesting plot/ character development when rose Reunited with her hollow family.
Not to mention the missed opportunity with summer.
Her taking over Rose felt like an ass pull and her straight up being able to talk felt like a waste of possible character development for both her and rose.
7/14/2022 c56 Spellflame
I wonder how strong Ruby’s eyes are

… I think she might just snap when she sees “Brunhilda” in this state
7/14/2022 c56 5Xeno01
Thanks so much for the update.
This is officially the 1,000th review your story has received and I am happy to write it.
Congratulations on reaching this milestone.

Great chapter, the reactions of the characters are all great, Yang and the others are legitimately shocked and horrified by how she became Ruby (for the first time Qrow is very lucky to be blind, which is ironic considering his semblace). The reactions of Ichigo and the others to Remnant are equally interesting, it seems that they will go to the aid of their older sister. Although I thought that on Remnant they could use their powers without having to leave their bodies.
The whole time I paid little attention as I was mainly focused on Ruby during the story, but I noticed a lot of the closeness between Ichigo and Tatsuki, and I thought you could make a ship between them, it would be quite nice as they have a good dynamic and it would certainly be less boring than usual IchigoxOrihime.
The Arrancars did a good job of holding back the demons long enough until reinforcements arrived. Now that the Quincy things can definitely improve, but not necessarily for everyone as they will target the Arrancars again, I hope they are saved.
I wonder if they will confuse Gerald Valkyrie as Nora's father. ;)
While this story isn't all about romance, I would like to see Grimmjow show more concern for Ruby, in turn showing more character development, wishing to be strong to protect the girl he cares about (and maybe say it out loud) lol.

I look forward to the next update.
7/14/2022 c56 Argorok
Amazing chapter once again, please keep up the good work. Things are not looking good for Ruby as she as been downgraded to a Vasto Lorde. Hope she becomes an arrancar again and gains even more power than she had before. Now that Yhwach has revealed himself, things are really kicking into high gear. Can’t wait to see what happens next.
7/14/2022 c56 Lucian Naruto
After all this shit, the group will need a vacation to relax and formulate their next plan.
7/14/2022 c56 4Monster King
Good job
7/4/2022 c44 2Shihaku4
I would feel really confused if my daughter visited looking as a faunus and older and with the soul of her mother inside of her. but I guess knowing Ozpin Tai at least was prepared for crazy stuff like that lol I really loved the chapter
7/3/2022 c41 Shihaku4
",My evolution was superior to you" says the old man who has been living centuries comparing himself to mere teenagers lol
6/30/2022 c55 Farhan Nugraha
Can i ask did karin and yuzu also have shinigami combat pass like ichigo well because they tecnically also subtitute shinigami
-what summer zanpakuto name?
-will kurosaki sibling meet ruby again in the world of remant?
Hope ruby will gain her arrancar wiouth her mom inside her
6/22/2022 c55 5Xeno01
Great chapter!
It seems that the protagonists are quite lucky, thanks to Ruby, Summer and others Vale will be able to avoid being conquered for some time. Now that the Arrancars have arrived, things should improve a bit for them.
Yang will be really annoyed that she has no arms when she meets Grimmjow.
Aizen is finally free, I thought his prison was with Ruby and Summer, so he would wake up directly on Remnant, too bad.
Aizen and Kisuke trolled by their own zampakuto. lol
Ichigo and his friends really should learn to be less naive. They went straight into the trap.
Shinsui will be surprised to have stumbled upon the maidens that were told to him in fairy tales as a child by Summer.
The Thousand Years War has begun! It will probably be the longest arc in history and also the most passionate.

Beautiful story, many more people should read and review this masterpiece.
6/19/2022 c55 4Monster King
Good job please continue
6/19/2022 c55 Lucian Naruto
A question for our esteemed Ruby Rose!

Question: Hey Ruby! Do you miss the tea parties that Aizen used to organize in Las Noches? Soon you will be drinking tea again. Hehehe!
At least Aizen is nice and lets you and the others have cookies to go with the tea.
6/19/2022 c55 Argorok
Amazing chapter, please keep up the good work. So the Thousand Year War has officially begun? Things are going to get pretty ugly. I hope Raven, Winter, and the others who are forced to fight for Yhwach will defect back to Ruby’s side once they come back to their senses. I look forward to what happens next.
5/22/2022 c47 tarifullbuster
Soul King is not a lesser being lol. In the novel after TYBW, he split the universe into what it is in the bleach manga. That's like a universal feat. Higher than what GOD or GOL have done. Not to forget the Almighty he used and he knew Yhwaxh would lose Million years in the past and was not bothered.
5/11/2022 c54 4PoofyOhio
Summer says paragraphs of blah that could be deleted without affecting the chapter in any way whatsoever.

Also, the Faunus etiquette feels like a horrifically racist concept. It’s goes completely against the whole “we’re not animals” argument they make.
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