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for Requiem for the Hollow Rose

6/13 c36 Fregreg
Nice chapter. If the silver eyes preserve life would it effect Grimmjow, Nel, and the hallows like them or does it only effect the weaker ones?
6/13 c36 Kragh
Thanks for the chapter!
6/12 c36 8Vedahzii
ok... there a bit to unpack here. The fight was awesome, team work was cool. kinda heard to till who was saying why during that, but I got a good guess on who's who. ruby showing up was badass, and how she calmed ichigo was beautiful, just wish I had slower bmg in my playlist. The song for the hell recap was really good. kenpachi with the words of wisdom... well... at least wise for him. The ending was ok. felt a bit rushed and in the info dump side, but the pep talk was nice. it's going to be sad seeing ruby go back to remnant. and yes I'll probably cry, depending on how you write it depends on how ugly it's going to be. please be merciful...
6/12 c36 ranjira1988
Awesome I was looking forward to this chapter and was not disappointed I can't wait for more! _
6/12 c36 Crimsomgear
wooooo boy, looks like we are getting close to bleach-hen (arc, yes i'm reading this like i'm watching anime). from ruby appearing in the hueco mundo, arriving in hell, meeting masaki, joining the espadas, summer and unohana past, ruby resolving her self blaming problem and finally unlocking her ressurection, it's been a wild ride reading this fic. i'm curious where you gonna take this fic after bleach-hen done and ruby finally came back to remnant. the only question i will ask is what will happen to ichigo after he defeat aizen, will he get transported too after he loses his power? othe than that, keep up the good work and suprise me in the future!.
6/12 c36 6L4 of the WEST
little less fighting than I expected but otherwise great chapter sounds like we're only a couple of chapters away from the end of the ark, which will be interesting considering she may be going back to remnant soonish wonder how the bleach crew will handle or tag along on that.
6/11 c36 cassnova5424
Long chapters, gold tier writing, goddamnit give me something to complain about

*angrily shakes fist*
6/11 c36 Redwood
Wow, this story has gone all over the place in plot and feelings, which I say in surprise and not criticism.

I think the first thing that stands out is how powerful Ruby and Summer have become, when the thought that someone comparing Bleach and RWBY might have is that most of the cast of the former would "solo" the RWBY universe power-wise. I also find it interesting how Ruby does NOT come across as a "Mary Sue with overly-excessive angst". Instead, her character shines out in how she and Summer have maintained their bonds with their shinigami, human, and arrancar friends DESPITE all that they've gone through.

The only issue I see power-wise is how the "return" to the RWBY universe will go now that Ruby or any one of her Bleach-verse friends is basically capable of "solo-ing" the RWBY verse? (Part of me suspects we'll have a "powered down" arc like the Fullbringer arc was.)

Or on a related level, how they will rekindle their relationships after having lived millennia away? Summer saying that she's already married is played for laughs in this chapter, but how would her and Taiyang's relationship go when Taiyang sees that his wife is both a "godly" being and fused with his own "also godly" daughter? To say nothing of Qrow and Raven (or of the SQUICK of Summer trying to "make love" with Taiyang using Ruby's body... EUGH!). I suppose the true testament of Taiyang's character will be "not caring" how powerful or how different Ruby and Summer are since "all that matters is that you're back and still the wife and girl I knew deep down and I'm so proud of you".

When it comes to the dynamics of team RWBY, while it feels awkward tying to imagine anything like canon happening with THIS Ruby, I think the key to making the likes of Yang, Weiss, and Blake stand out after having gone through over 400,000 words without them is to have them develop friendships with Ruby's Bleach friends. Yang and Tatsuki could bond over being athletes. Weiss and Rukia could empathize with being ice-powered upper class individuals with "family issues". Blake is a bit tricky as the only real "freedom fighters" in Bleach are Aizen, Tosen, and Muramasa, all of whom are shown to have ulterior motives that could remind Blake of Adam (especially Tosen). The best I'm left with is Yoruichi as "cat-themed shadowy ninjas" (and I suppose there's the humor of Soifon having a "bee" theme and, well "Bumblebee"). Going beyond Team RWBY, Kisuke has aspects of both Oz and Pietro Polendina (even if it was Mayuri who made an "artificial girl" in the form of Nemu, whose personality is quite different than Penny), while Yamamoto and Ironwood are "paranoid hardline military leaders".

But I suppose I'm getting ahead of myself. We still gotta beat Aizen after all! And by the sound of things, we have events proceeding "like canon", but still begging the question of "who will live and who will die"? From the canon Battle of Fake Karakura, NO shinigami died (which the Thousand Year Blood War tried to "compensate for") while all losses were on Aizen's side. Hardly anyone sheds tears for Baraggan and his fraccion, Tousen and Wonderweiss (heh, "Weiss") are mixed, and lastly Starrk, Lilynette, and Gin are the saddest. Tbh I'm most concerned about Starrk and Lilynette.

The other thing that I find interesting is the criticism of Ichigo and company for going behind the backs of "the adults" and trying to save the day, only to endanger their lives and get literally spanked for it. When compared to all the "OP Ichigo" fics, this feels "refreshing", even if Ichigo's "subconscious OP-ness" is still very much demonstrated by these past few chapters. And credit to Ruby for acknowledging that she used to be the same way. With an outlook like this, maybe Yang won't lose her arm in this story? (Unless the return point is after the Fall of Beacon, which would suck for Pyrrha unless the redhead becomes a hollow?)

Well then I think that's all I will say for now. Thousand Year Blood War and Can't Fear Your Own World (and the lovely Tousen-affiliated Tokinada Tsunayashiro) can wait for another time. Good luck with the next chapters!
6/11 c36 firewyrm2
Of course I doubt Ruby is going to go by herself when she returns, though I seriously hope you make it a two-way trip so that Ruby and friends can return. Plus we need to see how everyone reacts to young Ruby (and comes to hate Yang’s puns). As for who would go with Ruby I see Ichigo as a given as well as at least one of her arrancar friends. Plus Chad, Orihime, Uryu, and Tatsuki would be good ideas as their abilities can pass for semblances. Though I would also like to see some interactions between Ruby and Rukia (mainly because I like both of their characters and nobody has ever really had them interact with eachother).
6/11 c36 Argorok
Another phenomenal chapter once again, please keep up the good work. Ruby’s fight was amazing with her new abilities and she will only get much stronger. Now everyone knows the real truth about Ruby’s origin and how she will return to Remnant eventually. The battle with Aizen is quickly approaching, things are going to get very interesting.
6/11 c36 Spellflame
… hollow Quincy are OP
6/8 c35 1NEGATARO
It time for Ruby to stop hollow Ichigo, man can't wait to see, and i hope Ruby and Ichigo will fight together to stop aizen and save Ruby arrancar family

Perfect chapter, i always like this story and I will always wait for this story
6/7 c35 Zifryt
Super excited for the next chapter.

It was nice to see the Remnant cast again even if it wasn't really them.
I'm happy that Ruby scars are gone, even if I wanted to see the remnant cast reaction to them.

I wonder how powerful Ruby is now that she can use her resurrecion.
6/2 c35 3Xeno01
Ruby: It's time to fight together ... Let's go! Kurama!
Oops sorry, wrong anime. lol

Ruby finally unlocks her true powers and most of her scars disappear (except for the two cheetah marks on her face).
I wonder if in her new transformation her hair would stretch a bit similar to Grimmjow or other arrancars and maybe some other change in her appearance.
Grimmjow would be fascinated by Ruby's new good looks (especially without her scars). I would like to see a more romantic and likable side of our blue-haired punk over time.
Ruby could also recreate the shackles of hell with her demonic power.

Nice to see the dark side of Unohana re-emerge.
Ulquiorra is actually able to express some emotions such as her constant annoyance towards Grimmjow of other unnecessarily violent plodding like him.

Thanks so much for the chapter.
5/30 c35 8Vedahzii
cheetah... should have know, it wired the verified version has an O at the end instead of an A, but it's google so eh, take it with a grain of salt... anyway the bgm was good but couldn't find one on spotify, so i chose the black crypt synod arcana, gives off a similar vibe, if anyone doesn't want to go to YouTube
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