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6h c16 miguce
best dxd plot i've read. looking forward to reading future chapters
12h c16 Festus Krex
Love this chapter, interesting take on the Sona/Serafall relationship. Don't really mind the missing threesome honestly, you wrote plenty of sex scenes and hinted at enough of it already. Would like to see Kuro actually working on his goals instead of dealing with everyone else's bullshit sometime soon
5/3 c16 jeff
i like you
5/5 c16 akeno01
always a pleasure to read chapter of this novel i really like gaming systme and dxd
5/1 c16 Guest
Only one kind of plot in this chapter.
*nudge nudge wink wink*
5/3 c16 eddycarrilli6
toca el siguiente
5/1 c7 Guest
I thought it was great that someone finally did something different with dungeons.
4/30 c16 Time's Avatar
Keep Going And Thank's For The Chapter
5/1 c16 strabimonx
I really want you to do more with koneko
4/29 c16 Daisy
Honestly I fucking love your lemons and what not but would be cool if the story advanced more instead of half being just sex.
4/29 c16 M.G
You adding hell knight Ingrid in this joint? Should we expect some lewd ninjas in the future?
5/1 c16 Koncor the great
4/28 c16 Guest
I fucking live the grandfather
4/28 c16 Aamer
Hot. Hot. Hot.
4/28 c16 ramdomguy
Dark wolf shiro... you are a genius!
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