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for The Same Water

8/28 c2 Guest
he took rather well the era change and it great she is offering roof and support. I like his finding comfort in the sea.
8/27 c2 2tiny-spock
It's really good that they figured out he was from the past and decided to take care of him. I enjoyed the interesting note from the doctor, as smallpox was completely eradicated for almost 50 years! And James is just taking everything in stride as usual, despite being overwhelmed by the 21st century. At least he has found comfort and familiarity. Great chapter!
8/20 c1 Martha
Poor Norrington! I expect he's Ok when he awakens.
8/20 c1 Guest
it is good, please continue!
8/20 c1 tiny-spock
Poor James is really having a rough time of it. At least he is still alive and washed up in modern America! This looks very intriguing so far and I can't wait to see more.

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