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10/4 c1 wolftattoo
I too was put off that Clark's parents were comforting him after Alicia died since they condemned her like everyone else.
9/22 c1 10emmaducklingsaviour
Hey this was great, such a sad moment for Clark and it's nice to have a version with Lois, I agree with you regarding the hypercriticalness, like %99 of the time you get the Kents in these types of scenes and sometimes it doesn't really suit the moment.
9/11 c1 angelintraining118
Very cool, I love your version much better
9/3 c1 ArtimuosJackson
First of all Clark was still a minor and even if parents do some mistakes they are the one who are able to console their children not someone who is cousin of your best friend.
8/20 c1 107Stand with Ward and Queen
Good on shot.

Yes, it was very hypocritical of Jonathan and Martha to try and comfort Clark considering their actions throughout the entire Arc.

Lois works much better. Nicely done.
8/20 c1 46Ballyuk
Very VERY similar to the scene in my story 'After Dark'!

I agree that she would have supported him because she was there when he discovered the body, and also when he went after Tim. She'd seen first hand the effect it had on him.
8/20 c1 600LycoX
Ohh yes, I am so for this version of events. Great work here.
8/20 c1 OmniUIShaggyOverexaggerated
I find it odd myself that Jonathan and Martha would try to comfort Clark over Alicia's death when you consider their negative opinion of the teleporter. Lois comforting Clark works much better indeed.
8/20 c1 158Aragorn II Elessar
Nice one-shot.

Yes, it was pretty hypocritical of both Jonathan and Martha, though I feel Martha was OOC in that entire arc. She got angry at Clark for marrying Alicia even though she knew he was on Red K, and she easily forgave him for everything he did on Red K at the beginning of Season 3, when he was robbing banks, making deals with Morgan Edge and destroying police cars.

Loved Lois comforting Clark and how she did it.

Nicely done.

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