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8/26 c1 131jojoDO
Okay first off, do I get a cookie for the title reference? Because you know it's impossible for me not to get that ; )

There are a lot of things about this I enjoyed. I mean, I'm down with the... uhh... "political" conflict here in Police v The World, even though hearing about it in real life exhausts me. But I know you, and I know you incorporate the real world into the fictional world. That's who you are ;)

What I really enjoyed was how this was obviously meant to be a serious, solemn moment between Takuma and Mary, but you could still see brilliant flashes of the humor that stays true to his character. He's a close-minded, eccentric middle-aged man, and it shows here. You did it so smoothly, mixing the humorous elements with the overall seriousness of the story.

On a bonus note, I thought it would've been so hilarious if while Mary was going at it with the recording guy, Takuma himself jumped in like "SHUT UP, WE'RE TALKING HERE!" xD

Anyways... this feels like such a continuation of Good Cop, Bad Cop, because it hits a lot of similar notes: Mary at war with her morality, trying to keep it together in a totally bleak and grim situation. She is seriously storming the beach lately. It's no wonder she had to call King up for emotional support (and kudos to Cec for being on that shit)

Overall, you should be really proud of this one! Both the word count and the meat itself. It's excellent! And kudos to Dave, because I don't give him enough credit for his apparent role in your recent workings.
8/23 c1 36RobertCop3
Have I mentioned before how much I love your Mary? I know I have, but I'll say it again: I LOVE your Mary.

So once again, Mary finds herself questioning if she's on the right side. And this time, it felt even more personal, because what should have been a routine call turned into a conversation with someone who was inadvertently affected by Mary's actions.

The setup was great, and you do such a great job painting Takuma as a typical "older dad" ("but I am wearing a mask"). And Mary's dilemma felt extremely raw and relatable: she's not entirely sure that she's on the side of angels, and now she's hearing the word "cop" get used like it's a bad word from someone who has a right to use it like that. She can't tell him why she did what she did, not only because he's already heard it straight from the source and thought King was making it up, but also I feel that it's also because Mary promised she wouldn't tell; she's willing to face whatever consequences Takuma sees fit, but she stands by her actions. And she brought up a good point: she's speaking to someone who is no stranger to vigilantism. Only difference is Mary carries a badge.

God, so many layers in this, and telling arguments from both sides. And at the end of the day, I feel the most important message is the bond between King and Mary. King senses from that single question that Mary needs her, a phone conversation won't do it, it has to be in person, and she doesn't hesitate. Two tough girls who have to maintain that image in a man's world, but around each other, they can drop their barriers and just be themselves. That's why it's such a beautiful friendship, and hopefully one we can all relate to. We should all be so lucky to have a "King" or "Mary" in our own lives.

I'm kind of glad the word count ran away on you, because this is one of those stories that deserves to stand on its own. I can't wait to see what you do next with my "secondary" bae. ( :
8/20 c1 iwewia
The setup for Takuma using his tengu mask instead of a face mask was honestly so good! If not for the quarantine I wonder how else this could happen in the King-verse. For such a traditional family the Sakazakis have the most eccentric appearances in your works.

Damn, it seems like Mary is cornered with all of these issues... It felt as though she was willing to let another Sakazaki deal a blow on her career, the stress of it catching up with her, but the conversation ended up alright. It's tough that King is always forced to relive the incident - people are oblivious until all the hurt is in their faces and even then they might not understand it. She is the center of everything.

Hope the Bbs can find a way around these problems until another one is added to the pile. I'm here for the drama, not gonna lie.

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