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12/28/2020 c7 7WiseGirlDivergence46
love that you added comments about harry potter and twilight
team edward all the way!
12/28/2020 c6 WiseGirlDivergence46
fuck you four! four you idiot!tris, get yo ass back in that room! nita, you fucking slutty bitch, you ruin everything!
12/28/2020 c4 WiseGirlDivergence46
fourtris: gets back together :)
nita and four: break up :)
nita: is cheating on four with eric and thats why she was gone
nita after break up: can go fuck herself because she is a fucking slutty bitch who deserves to die alone
12/26/2020 c11 6Sensitivity8
I'm really glad that Evelyn sees how much Tobias needs Tris in his life.
12/26/2020 c11 jenna
great chapter. cant wait for more ;)
12/26/2020 c11 Vandy98
I was so surprised to see two more chapters! Thanks for making my holiday
12/24/2020 c10 4Elleseries46
I love this story so much!
12/23/2020 c10 expat24
That is what i call a Herd of friends .. It's all or nothing bless ! Good on them, not sure if Evelyn is truly aware of what she got herself into with this invit! Tris and Tobias are thinking ahead as adults and willing to overcome anything to nurture their relationship which is very comforting. Thanks .
Merry Christmas everybody. Stay safe and well.
12/23/2020 c10 11AriIsDivergent
awwwwww, theyre so cute i canttt
12/23/2020 c10 6Sensitivity8
Well the whole entire crew in one house together, this should be interesting! I don't think Evelyn knows what she got herself into!
12/23/2020 c10 jenna
great chapter. i’m so sad for this story to end soon, but you’ve done a great job
12/11/2020 c9 Vandy98
I am absolutely enjoying your story! I can’t wait for the next chapter. It is bitter sweet for me to k ow only 4 more left, but I am so relieved you are going to finish this story. So many of these are left unfinished. Thank you!
12/10/2020 c9 Guest
12/10/2020 c9 30AnnLiberty
Ugh. (Not directed at you - at the characters). He's the one in transition, he should look for work near her school instead of taking her to Virginia. Long-distance love is comicated...
12/10/2020 c9 4Elleseries46
Ahhh I love it! They really have grown!
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