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for Demons in Dim Light

10/4 c1 briebydeb
Such strong images from your words, especially in the final paragraphs. “Sobbed to mourn his broken sense of security”, wow. You are a very talented writer, thank you for sharing your talent with us readers once again.
9/8 c1 4MickyD777
well. crap. that made ME cry. and gave me alllll the feelz. :'( despite the waterworks going on over here, i absolutely love this. Lassie and Shawn's friendship has always been one of my all time favorites and this is absolutely beautiful; so in character, and just absolutely lovely. in a sad, teeny-bit-dark sort of way. ;) thank you for writing and sharing this! i love it so much. xx
8/26 c1 3EnsignChocolateSauce
I was wondering how this story seemed so unnoticed, but I guess only a week on an old fandom makes sense. This is amazing! I love it so much!
8/20 c1 40smuffly
This story is well-paced and has great tension. There's also a really nice flow to your sentences. You portrayed Shawn and Lassie perfectly. Great job!

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