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9/6 c1 13NevadaRose
What a good story! Thanks for sharing it with us, my friend.
8/27 c1 15Saddletramp
I enjoyed this. It was a quick read yet detailed and moved along well.
8/22 c1 Beverly
Great story! Thank you for sharing!
8/24 c1 52shari
A recurring scary dream can be so debilitating. Love how you slipped the Gypsy woman in to answer Kitty’s nightmare questions Love the boys coming to her rescue
8/22 c1 Guest
Boy, I just learned my lesson. Based on many past disappointments, I am reluctant to give new authors on this site a chance. But, I decided to read your much shorter 405 word essay titled "The Worth of a Bullet" and was pleasantly surprised. Now, I will go back and read all of your works. In this story, you captured Kitty's impulsivity to go off alone and her "boys" love for her. You gave use a wonderful western story filled with bad guys but you put a unique and creative spin on it. Well done ParkerPal. The Learning definitely taught me a lesson.
8/21 c1 LovingmesomeMK
Well worth the read. More please.
8/21 c1 shirley waldrip
I sure could get used to more stories like this one. It was not like any of the stories I have read before and I have read most every one I can lay my hands on. You are some thing special! I look to many more stories and have started a file with your name on it.I make my own copy of each story on this site because I do not trust these &%$# computers. As you may guess I am in my it keeps me off the roads and out of harms for making an old lady's day a lot old sucks!
8/20 c1 LeighAB14
I loved it. So good.
8/21 c1 nanajojo
Another wonderful story. Thanks.️
8/21 c1 57lostcowgirl
This wonderfully told tale had a bit of the supernatural about it that was quite appropriate for the nightmarish quality of what nearly happened to Kitty if not for her remembering Chester's knife. This tied directly into her childhood trauma with the gypy woman Nadine forming a bridge between the 2 near drownings. Thanks for posting.
8/21 c1 MaryRoseEllen
I really liked this story, thanks for sharing. Love a happy ending!
8/21 c1 44Emmint
This was a good read, although a little heavy gong you could have published it as individual chapters. But that is up to you you're the author. You captured Matt's angst just right. I hope to hear more from you.

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