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for Virgin Deku VS CHADSTA

10/30 c1 1OriChar
who hurt you to the point that you decided to be a whiney bitch about Deku, sort of ironic


agree with everything you said, except that he's a virgin, we both know he gets pussy 24/7, after all he is one and the joke breaks down after this since it needs explanation to make sense, I have failed with this joke like the MHA fanbase failed in general
10/25 c1 Guest
Also. Is this a nux taku reference
10/25 c1 Guest
Aight. mumbles like he got autism is not ok. But literally any body can beat deku id like to point out. All might : city buster. Any worthwhile protagonist: planetbuster
10/12 c1 puppyred
I, too prefer Asta to Deku

Deku whiney bicth
10/11 c1 Guest
I love both of them, but asta also attracts mentally ill woman, Even tho the rest is kinda true.
10/11 c1 Guest
Dude, What DID the mha fandom do to you to the point of needing to do something like this?
9/19 c1 Shaedy Mo
Here. Take this standing ovation.
9/14 c1 Hedgecloud69
this was hilarious lol
9/4 c1 5DragonHunter320
As a guy who saw and likes both series I must say...I agree with basically everything said haha!
9/2 c1 Guest
He’s so chad I’d ship Deku with him and they aren’t in the same show
8/25 c1 Dieokileteous
the virgin Deku complains and does nothing about it, the CHADSTA complains and does something about it.
8/21 c1 TheMexicanAttcker
Thanks for spiting those facts
8/21 c1 3Cats-are-really-cute
lol both annoy me...

One hurts my ears with his cries

Other does the exact same thing with his shouts
8/21 c1 Guest
Hell yeah!
Finally somebody speaks up!
8/21 c1 Only Balgony
Why...why would we cancel you? Nothing will burn as much as Black Clover’s Animation.

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