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for Baby Roach

4/24 c5 2AnakinPleaseStopPanakin
This is such a cute story! I can totally imagine Geralt adopting a baby Kelpie and calling her Baby Roach. Also Jaskier was an absolute delight! I'd love to read more of this
4/13 c4 BreatherOfInsanity2
Aww. I kinda forgot this existed for a bit, but it's just as heartwarming as I remembered.
1/23 c4 3ForestWren
Awwwwww! This is adorable! I love the idea of Geralt and Jaskier becoming dads to a baby Kelpie. Thank you for the wonderful story! 333
11/5/2020 c3 secretwhovianpony
This is so freaking adorkable, I love it, and now I have a new witcher headcanon to love.
10/4/2020 c3 carlos2013-duran
buena historia, solo falto la reacción de yennifer

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