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for Starbase One: Groundbreaking

8/25 c20 9Kehlan
And this I guess, is the prelude to chapter 3...? I think this story is going to have a very different tone to the previous one and i am very interested to see how this develops.
8/25 c19 Kehlan
North is definitely making a big effort to be more approachable, I like the way he is developing as a person. I think is budding friendship with Vaughn is good for him.
8/24 c17 Kehlan
Demons of Air and Darkness! Oooh... Iconians? I really want to hear Caeldon's stories and I wonder what significance they will have for the future?

And isnt Loxius/Sylar lucky that the people who found him didn't recognise the Romulan language?
8/24 c15 Kehlan
Some very nice character development in these chapters. I liked the way Threv stood up to the "dragon" instead of running. I think he has more courage than he gives himself credit for.
There are some good changes in North in this chapter as well, he's coming to realise the value of relationships. the same with Vaughn, trying not to worry his fiancee because he isnt as social as she thinks he is or should be and he doesnt want to worry her.
The Vulcan doctor is also an interesting character. I'd like to see her and Sherene develop a friendship of some sort.
8/23 c12 Kehlan
ooh so that makes sense. Not bringing in food but defence from what is trying to eat it. I like that! Nicely done.
And I did enjoy the interaction between Mamao'lani, the Tellarite and the Draco.
8/22 c9 Kehlan
Hmm, so it's not about food. This is getting interesting. I am sort of thinking communications... the rogs are showing them what they want to see, maybe to communicate with them?
I like the way you are using Sherene's interviews to give us some background on the characters.
8/21 c6 Kehlan
I should really have reviewed the last couple of chapters but felt the need to keep reading. Some of the things I liked was the way "Ice Breaker" means two different things in two different cultures, yet somehow those meanings are not in conflict. That's a nice touch. Also nice to see some development of the Andorian family.
I do rather like the Tellarite character. I wonder how the dragons would respond to the idea of rudeness being polite? I could imagine some of the younger dragons having fun with that and getting into trouble with their elders... You are also developing the Draco culture nicely and you succeed in making them relatable yet alien.
And now, more of the mysterious hallucinations... I am guessing some form of hallucinogenic spores bringing in food for the insects swarms or maybe even the Weepers.
8/21 c3 Kehlan
The idea of Kelbonite getting into the trees from water uptake is a very logical one and again, I do like Mamao'lani's way of doing things. That guy is brilliant!
I think I'm with threv on the subject of the bugs. I wonder who... or rather, what... he is seeing?
8/21 c1 Kehlan
Ooh, been waiting impatiently for this. Nice, light hearted beginning with friendly teasing and joking, quickly developing into something a bit more ominous. Let's see where this goes...

As always, beautifully written with very good grammar and spelling.

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