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9/22 c2 csheila

It’s a harsh punishment for Harry given they didn’t properly prepare him for the other returns. He will just not have to screw up
9/22 c1 csheila
Tom, i don’t know how I missed this one.

I love how Harry takes charge. It can only come from years of being screwed over
9/13 c8 Molenir
I've always hated the Oath-Sworn Godfather idea. It does not work. Really enjoying the story otherwise.
8/27 c16 93RebeccaRoy
This was good and the explanation was too in how things are going smoothly. I am sure Harry had a lot of training and for just about everything, plus this being his seventh time around, of course things will be easier, he has so much experience to fall back on, his and others teaching him.
8/27 c15 RebeccaRoy
Nice, Sirius now can live here and Harry got rid of some of a certain dark lord early.
8/26 c10 RebeccaRoy
Nice, so much changed here for the better.
8/26 c9 RebeccaRoy
Nice, a great month for most, but not all.
8/26 c8 RebeccaRoy
Nice, glad to see how busy Harry has been and all the allies he has now.
8/26 c7 RebeccaRoy
I think Dumbledore should back off of Harry, just a thought.
8/26 c1 RebeccaRoy
This is refreshing to see this challenge done this way. Very new and fun to read!
8/24 c24 Moonkat85
This was a very awesome story. You are a great writer. Thank you for writing this tale.
7/18 c24 IAmSoTired
Poor Sally-Anne
6/26 c24 2022elfinladyluvsbla
I love your puns!
6/25 c13 2022elfinladyluvsbla
I beg to differ ... it'splease save two seats forHermione and I... not Hermione and me... or me and Hermione... Ravenclaw episode done...
6/6 c24 Just William
An excellent story.
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