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for Harry Potter and the Angry Grim Reaper

5/22 c1 15Saissa
I adored Kallanits reponse to this challenge, Its called REBOOT and it is brilliant.

This one is starting out just as good!

Cannot beleive I have not found this one before!
5/22 c1 4seldombites
Ha, ha, awesome! This is the first Death Inc story I’ve read in which Harry makes demands before returning. I reckon I’m going to enjoying this.
5/18 c16 Coul532003
Let me first say that I think the question discussed by the reviewer and mentioned in your A/N was very well thought out, as were both of your responses. Until recently, I have not read your stories, not sure of the reason, but now have read several. While there is, of course, a common theme, and several with similar timing and only slight variation in their setup, I have found them very entertaining. The whole point of reading fan fiction, at least for me, is seeing the variation from canon,, and how the slight variations can affect the stories. You do a great job at presenting those variations, and I thank you. It is always I threshing to see how many different ways APD can be shown in his wise stupidity (yes, a large contradiction in terms) and how he is so "easily" thwarted by a teen or pre-teen (Harry and Hermione). Enjoyment at ots best.
4/24 c24 geenakmom
Loved this story!
4/14 c24 James Birdsong
Good work. Yay!
4/10 c8 ToddGilliss
use curb, not kerb
4/8 c1 HairyLimey
I do like an angry Harry he's fun :-D
3/28 c24 UnbreakableJess
*what happened to Sally-Anne*... WHAT HAPPENED TO SALLY-ANNEthis question might haunt me. T-T Anyways, wonderful story, I adored it so much! I was wondering if you would consent to me borrowing (with credit of course) a couple of your ideas for a story that your story has sparked my creative muse to try? The biggest namely being how Hermione introduces the Purebloods to the Muggle world, I absolutely love this idea, but I intended to tweak it just a teensy bit for plot fitting purpose. Either way, I love this story and it's going in my "re-read when all else fails" list. Thanks for writing!
3/22 c24 10kgfinkel
How in the world did I miss this gem of a story?

It had everything I've come to expect from your demented mind and I loved every second it.
3/15 c22 TrumpasaurusRex
Giving up the deathly hallows for Hermione’s future memories? Dumb.
She can easily reacquire the knowledge she gained in the future. She can even do it more efficiently now that they know about the ROR in their first year.
3/15 c2 TrumpasaurusRex
Why would you go back a day before his Hogwarts letter? He openly acknowledged that would leave Sirius in Azkaban longer to suffer. You’re leaving him in a living hell for a decade with his worst memories.

Also, I hate Snape apologists.
3/15 c1 TrumpasaurusRex
Harry said, "My first demand, and this is nonnegotiable: I want some kind of bulletproof protection against mind-magics. Legilimency, Imperius, mind-affecting potions, et cetera—they all fail, all the time, when someone tries them on me. Only the Sorting Hat may come in."

Why would you leave a loophole like the sorting hat? If the goblet of fire can be confounded, why can’t the sorting hat? Compel it to think it’s talking to the person it says on and watch it spill secrets.
Pointless exception.
3/13 c24 Powerline
That was sooo good to read! Love what you did to Ron and Dumbledore!
2/27 c24 agentinfinity
Excellent job on this!

(Also an appreciated owtch on that punnery about not serving alcohol to miners! Loved it)

Keep up the great work
2/27 c12 Jaoheah
McGonagall not McGonagill
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