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5/8 c23 1Ducky1776
If Bellatrix, Rabastan, and Rodolphus Lestrange all died when Harry hit the kill button, wasn't their house extinct anyway? Or are you assuming that Rabastan had a family that survived the kill button? Inquiring ducks want to know.
5/7 c24 15Saissa
Wonderful story! I loved every word!

I love stories where Harry (with someone else - usually HG but sometimes also with Daphne) change the WW for the better!
5/7 c2 Saissa
Thanatos huh?

Any connection to Thanos? He who SNAPPED his fingers and killed off half the Universe? LOL

Interesting start!
5/7 c24 JuleKiwi
Aw I love this!
5/3 c24 Katherine Rosalie Hale
This is a awesome take on for that challenge! Well done!
4/27 c16 2GeorgeTobor
It is his SEVENTH LIFE, of course things are finally going his way...

What would be great is if Rowling suffered all the pain she gave her tool.
4/27 c14 GeorgeTobor

Snape and Bones!

never seen that before...

So Sirius and a muggleborn, neat, my fave match is Sirius and Cindy.
Cindy is an Original Character and a muggle in THE POWER OF THE PRESS.
4/26 c3 GeorgeTobor
In canon Snape is evil because he does evil.

Just because two evil men fight each other does not make one good.

Rowlings suprise plot twist redemption of Snape was so badly done she should be hit with a frying pan.

I want to beat Alan Rickman for making Snape seem good.

However, Severus can be redeemed, if it starts early enough.

His last chance is the first time he meets Harry.
4/26 c1 GeorgeTobor
Fate needs to be turned into an infant and live a life like Harry has.

At worst he is a dark lord
At best he is well meaning but foolish.
Good intentions can do more evil than anything else.

His actions and inactions have damned him.
4/21 c24 bkerrmom1
Love love love this story sooooo much !
4/20 c24 8gabzep
Great story! It’s nice to read a story that isn’t all angsty all of the time and were it seems Harry takes one step forward and two steps back.
4/16 c24 kittybug85
this was fantastic!
4/7 c24 A German guest
Another well written story. Of course, the nature of the challenge makes for fairly smooth sailing and for broadly similar stories in general, but with Amelia and Severus you've put a nice twist in it, and I believe your take on the nature of the mark is rather novel. Still, I wish somebody would tweak the challenge some more, and make things a little more complex in terms of character motivations and retained knowledge.
3/30 c24 gginsc
Great story. I love happy endings.
3/30 c24 7Marauder no. Five
lots of repeated material from the other story but as i do the same when i write i can't blame you and it was another lovely read. I do like how you portray Dumbledore.
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