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3/29 c5 PancakesFromHell
I've enjoyed the few chapters I've read immensely and the story is captivating. However, I am struggling to see Snape kindly and understand his motivations. Severus Snape in canon is an abusive, racist and obsessive man. He's cruel and vindictive. He hasn't done anything to earn the sympathy that he has been given and no, sacrificing your life to avenge a murder that you directly contributed to isn't redemption. He didn't feel remorse for betraying the "light", he felt remorse that his betrayal led to his obsession dying. He psychologically tortured a child to the point that he was said child's greatest fear. He stood idly by and sometimes even encouraged his house in bullying children with "impure" blood. He is not some misunderstood antihero but a vile bitter old man with nothing to live for but revenge. He's not a hero, he's not even an anti-hero, he's a villain whose goals have temporarily aligned him with the light.
3/29 c24 nif-ravenpuff
Wow! Incredible story and so well written! I couldn’t control the binge-read. SS/AB was a nice touch too.
3/25 c24 nightwing27
this story was awsome good thing I'm planning one where harry and his parents return with him and changes things I don't believe in that crap butterfly effect and it will be during the 70s
3/25 c24 Jorge A. Rodriguez
I liked this story. Well written, intelligent, I hope you contribute more high quality stories of good writing.
3/25 c24 Leonard Scott
A well written awesome read, much appreciated keep up the good works
3/20 c24 Thumper1776
great story.
3/17 c24 Kai
Ah, I love Luna! She's the best!

And Hermione is right: I'm a guy, and peach is a fruit, not a colour. How would I know then, without google, what a periwinkle is?

As there are fifty or more responses to that challenge the story was nothing new. Still it was very good! Thank you for writing!
3/17 c19 Kai
And I'm Brian. And so is my wife! Oh, wait! From Dumbledore's mouth that would even be true. :-D

Oh, a paragraph further down: It wouldn't be true. Oh well...
3/17 c18 Kai
Bah, what are 107,000 galleons? Harry's rich, and besides robes in colours that make your retinas explode are expensive! And they... erm... they are For The Greater Good. Somehow. I assure you!

"[...] my lo-me liking you" Sweet! Just like "Books! And cleverness! There are more important things-friendship and bravery and-oh Harry-be careful!"
3/17 c17 Kai
Yes, biting is not the worst thing a basilisk can do. It can crush your legs into a pulp by slytherin over you and leave you dying slowly. Killing with its gaze, however, is the BEST it can do (except ignore you, of course). Because you're instantly dead. You feel no pain, you don't feel the hopelessness of the knowledge that the poison circulates through your body, and in the end every one of these three methods kills you anyway.
3/17 c15 Kai
Hey, no slandering 1991 computer graphics please! Okay, in comparison to newer editions Civilization was badly pixelated, but you could still recognise every unit, building, technology, or terrain feature, and were able to build an empire to stand the test of time. And boy, did I...

With Hermione treasuring the written word so much, why not quote a famous author to her? From "Airman's Odyssey" by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry: "Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away." Funnily enough, since I'm not a literature expert, I have no idea if he adhered to this rule in his works. I just know this quote...
3/17 c12 Kai
Dumbledore HAS a clear conscience. As long as he, however far-fetched, can justify it with The Greater Good, he can butcher an orphanage full of children, bathe in their blood, and eat their bloody corpses. That's the dangerous thing about Dumbledore. He has the means and the justification. If he gets the idea no one is safe from mass-murder, torture, thought control, whatever.

*lol* Nice jab at the WBWL fanfics there.

That summons should've come through Flitwick anyway with him telling Hermione that he would be with her. Dumbledore has NO justification to get a first year girl alone to his office.
3/17 c10 Kai
Good that Hermione summoned "Accio Trevor the toad". If she had summoned "Accio toad" she'd have summoned the Umbitch all the way from London and have her banging against the side of the train to get in. Okay, that was shamelessly stolen, er, borrowed of course from "Reunion" by Rorschach's Blot. :-)
3/17 c9 Kai
*lol* Yay Filius! "So disappointed" Dumbledore himself wouldn't have been able to get a better situation for that comment.
3/16 c6 Kai
Uh huh. The brother wand is destroyed, and with it any plans Dumbledore probably had with that wand, and Harry's chosen wand is very close to the Death Stick. With even a death related destiny. Without knowing the prophecy. Interesting.
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