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10/3 c14 ukdgr
Hurrah, the start of something wonderful. Thank you.
10/3 c14 15narutoprincess
AHHHHHHH! I loved this ending! He’s got a way to go but I’m so glad he won’t be going through it alone!
10/3 c14 Guest
Hi! DancingDR here, having trouble signing into .

Kissy faces! Yes! Finally got there!

Thanks for the story! You said there was a sequel in works? Cannot wait for more kissy faces!

Love Long and Prosper While Making It So. DancingDR
10/2 c13 Zara08
No more mentioning of Paris? What if he asks to take her there, will Beverley bludgeon the captain or just sedate him lol!
10/2 c13 ukdgr
Splendid. Thank you for writing this story, hurt/comfort are my favourite P/C genre. I look forward to the next chapter and the hint of another story/sequel.
10/2 c13 narutoprincess
I’m glad he’s on the mend, even if it is slowly progressing. I can’t wait to see what the last chapter will bring!
9/19 c9 LEE
Okay, okay, looks like we have a very big misunderstanding here. I am absolutely with you, that Beverly is a Top Class Physian and that she herself sees her responsibility in taking care of finding a cure for the ill people on the planet herself. No problem here ! ;-) To be precise, I do believe that JL would expect no less from her, would he be in his right frame of mind. But in his state, the only person he had so far been able to identify suddenly gone from his side, and . . . nothing ?
The handing over of Picard, sharing a nice cup of coffee with a colleague, is just too much a boring everyday sickbay scenario. Let the reader know of Berverly's struggle of wanting to make sure that Picard is best cared for (after all she is handing over the care to unkown people) and the need to find a cure for the planet. Show your audience the true greatness of her. Only when you show us her weak spots, her doubts in her own abilities, that she has to fight and overcome will she receive the fame she deserves. Of course we fans know about it, but it is nevertheless worth putting it in words.
You took a legitimate shortcut, but it gives a wrong impression, that I am now sure you never intended.
I will keep reading and am interessted on where you are leading us. ;-)
9/14 c8 LEE
Like the story very much, well written and I hope there are still some chapters to come. But I have to admit, I do have some problems with Beverly just handing JL over to the Starbase sickbay personell. I mean no try to stay with him, no fight against any damn brass that insist she is needed on the ship. She just cares for JL 24/7, fights for his life, manages to have a real coffee and then hurries back to the Enterprise. No Word to him, JL isn't even concerned or irritated that she, his number one confidant is nowhere around.
Honestly, so far I liked the story, but I am no longer sure this is really going to be a P/C-Story. I think I would regret that immensely.
9/13 c8 sash queen of the jungle
Surely beverly wouldn’t have left the captain willingly? Was she ordered back to the shop? Can’t wait for more.
9/13 c7 sash queen of the jungle
Glad to see that Picard is slightly better.
9/11 c7 narutoprincess
Ooh it seems like he’s getting a little better. I really like how you wrote his terror about the Borg implant. Can’t wait for more
9/5 c6 sash queen of the jungle
Thanks for updating. Can’t wait for more.
9/5 c5 sash queen of the jungle
It doesn’t look good for the captain
8/30 c4 sash queen of the jungle
Thank god data didn’t let the captain down and Found it.
8/28 c3 narutoprincess
This is very good and dramatic so far! Can’t wait to read more. I really want to know if Picard’s ramblings about trees and sharks actually mean something or if he’s just very incoherent.
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