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10/19 c5 LadyJaguar1
Cute story. I loved it.
10/19 c5 libbyxox1
10/12 c5 2adafrog
Loved this so much!
10/10 c5 bkerrmom1
Brilliant and hilarious ! I love everything you do! I am looking forward to seeing what your amazing mind comes up with next!
10/8 c1 44dennisud
I like how this one has started. Though I missed how Harry found out he was a Potter...and a black?

Now to the next chapters!
10/8 c3 15Saissa
I am indeed enjoying this story.

I always did like a smart Harry Potter who is not necessarily a super powered HP.
10/7 c5 E.Elliot
I love it!xD
10/6 c5 LtsHrIt4ThBoyz
Oooo! Here I thought you were going to go for an *epic* Epilogue and instead you settled for a :snigger: :snort:!

Aw, well! ;D

Thank you for sharing!
I'll be keeping a "close eye" on you from now on!
10/6 c4 LtsHrIt4ThBoyz
As those authors and stories were your inspiration, you've done well, Padawan!
This story has been delightful!
I know many HPff writers who would despise this story simply because they've imbibed the Rowling kool-aid which drains IQ and morals!

Now, one more delicious chapter to go!
Thank you!
9/28 c3 3Steve-Arkarian
In one section you have listed Newt Scamander as the headmaster but in other sections you refer to Alex Weatherwight as the headmaster. Who is it?
9/27 c2 Steve-Arkarian
Princess Bride! I absolutely love this story!
9/11 c5 lunaz
This has been a highly enjoyable read. Thank you.
9/8 c5 20Amycat8733
Awesome! Love it! Harry ducks, Oops, there goes Dark Lord #1. Fires off an overpowered spell, there goes #2! Problem solved!
8/5 c5 johlmann
REALLY liked this story! Glad old-crow recommended Harry Potter and the Order of Merlin, another excellent, unusual story. I read this one because I liked the other so much...
8/1 c3 Smile Giver11
You keep astounding me with your work. I like this story a lot. As soon as I finish it, I will return to the first chapter just to be able to read through it again.
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