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9/8 c5 20Amycat8733
Awesome! Love it! Harry ducks, Oops, there goes Dark Lord #1. Fires off an overpowered spell, there goes #2! Problem solved!
8/5 c5 johlmann
REALLY liked this story! Glad old-crow recommended Harry Potter and the Order of Merlin, another excellent, unusual story. I read this one because I liked the other so much...
8/1 c3 Smile Giver11
You keep astounding me with your work. I like this story a lot. As soon as I finish it, I will return to the first chapter just to be able to read through it again.
7/19 c5 mysinger
Fantastic story! Unfortunately I have now run out of your stories to read. I will reread them again at some point. They are too good to only read once. Thank you.
7/19 c4 mysinger
This was a Rollercoaster of a chapter. Lots of suspense but the bad guys got it in the end. Very well written!
7/19 c3 mysinger
Excellent chapter!
7/19 c2 mysinger
I love the Weasleys in this story. My favourite part was Harry before the Wizengamot, first discrediting Dumbledore then freeing the Phoenix and the results of that. Really enjoying this story.
7/19 c1 mysinger
Fantastic chapter filled with suspense as well as hope for a better future for Harry. Interesting how Dumbledore literally forced the Dursleys to keep Harry. He couldn't have done a better job of inciting their rage towards Harry if he was trying to do just that.
7/14 c5 pudentane
Good Epilogue for a great story. Thank you for sharing your talent.
7/13 c3 DanYHKim
Nice. Very different from other stories of the 'Harry is mentored' genre that I've read.
7/7 c5 peggy77
Aww, what a sweet, fun story! I marked you as a favorite author cause I really like your stories.
7/7 c3 peggy77
Loving it so far! I actually love smart, powerful Harry and am a big fan of both Sirius and Remus. Not a Dumbledore fan at all but like all the Weasleys.
6/29 c5 odonnellzoo99
A very fun story with an adorable ending to the epilogue.
Thank you for sharing your creativity.
6/28 c5 22Clavyus
Zany, nonlinear fun! Loved it.
6/28 c5 PSay
I'm really glad that the Queen is going to Knight Major Weatherwight and she has plans to have Sirius released from prison soon. Harry and his brothers are going to "help" him by writing to Hermione's dad.
I hope they do all live happily ever after. Thank you for another great story. ps
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