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for Child of Prophecy

6/28 c4 PSay
This is very well done. I'm glad that Dumbledore is finally dead. It looks like he waundered into a different and died. I like where you put his painting. Is Sirius going to get his trial? ps
6/27 c3 PSay
This is amazing. New rules that will be enforced. 3 people to help the students in Gryffindor. Of course Harry and the twins are sad about the rules on pranks. They can plan and develop products to sell and use later. They did get rid of Quirrell quick after he fired a curse at Harry. The plan to get rid of Lucius was fantastic. I'm glad that Narcissa got away from Lucius. He was a terrible husband. She is also reinstated to Black House. I'm glad that Sirius and Remus are working together again. Very well done. ps
6/27 c2 PSay
This is fantastic. I love the crush on a mermaid. First kiss and all. Freeing a phoenix was great. It looks like Dumbledore is out of the picture. Very well done. ps
6/27 c1 PSay
This is a great beginning. I look forward to more of this story. ps
6/27 c5 Noghanimus
Nice rambling story, full of joyful scenes and ideas, a rollercoaster indeed. Thanks also to old Crow for pointing readers here, I’ll make sure to try your other works as well
6/27 c5 evilfuzzyman
Very fun, it was a bit disjointed at times and sometimes it was hard figuring out who was speaking, but overall very good fun.
6/26 c5 Zamia
Very enjoyable read. Thanks for sharing and thanks to Old Crow for the rec. Cheers. Z
6/26 c5 Hands Off MY Wolfie
All the bad guys got what they deserved, people got pranked including some of the pranksters.

All the Horcruxes are taken care and I like what the goblins did with the shattered metal - never saw that coming.

Will Harry be bored at Hogwarts now? I hope so.

Thanks for sharing and take care.
6/26 c3 Hands Off MY Wolfie
School is really different, I like that the bullying is being curbed and the mouthy pure-bloods have to watch their language and threats.

Thinking of Sirius in the mirror listening to everything and Harry able to twist words and phrases to get a reaction.

Thanks for sharing and take care.
6/26 c5 3ObsessedWithHPFanFic
What a wonderful story you've wrote. Thanks so much for sharing!
6/26 c2 Hands Off MY Wolfie
Interesting summer for our little mage - from abused child to a well tutored student of magic. Refusing to live off his history and getting to know the people - one-on-one.

Making friend and finds people he can depend on.

Thanks for sharing and take care.
6/16 c1 14Freddie Rindklip
Almost a magical (no pun intended) beginning
6/11 c5 SunPho3n1x
This is such an amazing story! I absolutely love it. I love how you characterized Harry and then he has so many friends. Thank you for writing this.
5/31 c5 Katherine Rosalie Hale
Wow! I really, really love this story! It is unique and well thought out. Thank you for sharing your talent with us!
5/30 c5 kimjo2
Cute story. Thanks
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