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for The Hope of End

2/27 c2 Titania1796
pobre Gray lo están cogiendo de experimento
2/26 c2 2DannyPhantom619
Well long time no see. I'm glad this got an update and I can't wait to see what direction you take this story to as well as how long it'll be.
11/5/2020 c1 Immortal ninjaaa
I’m guessing that last time Asher died she went on a murderous rampage, destroying everything in sight until she was stopped by Igneel. Was she ever close to Tartaros and the other demons in this?
8/23/2020 c1 Titania1796
Que hara Zeref cuando sepa que su hermana recupero sus recuerdos y poderes por causa de Grey, Zeref sabia de la relacion que tenia Natsumi con Asher y como murio el.
8/23/2020 c1 PJandLGequalsLove
I absolutely love it can't wait to see what happens next

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