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for Flames of Regicide

5h c5 83Anne Camp aka Obi-quiet
I'm enjoying this more than I thought I would, to be honest. Huh... The intreigue is interesting and well-played, you're staying true to their characters and yet molding them so well and I love the idea of Zuko and Azula mending their relationship.

Looking forward to see where you go. :)
5/5 c5 Reader
Wow! This is a excellent story indeed. It is truly unique.
5/4 c1 ProDogg
This story is fantastic and I cant wait to read more but take all the time you need
4/23 c5 7Deku Momiya
Honestly I don't think Iroh should be pardoned. He was a coward at heart. At any moment after he invented how to redirect lightning he could have challenged Ozai in an Agni Kai for the throne. At any moment he could have snuck Pakku or Bumi into the palace to kill Ozai. Fuck, he could have served him poisoned tea. He never even helped Zuko get the Avatar. There's no way season 1 Aang could have won against Iroh without the Avatar state. At the end Iroh was a coward and a traitor to the Fire Nation.
4/13 c5 29Azure Lightning Emerald Cloud
This is fantastic! I loved how the connections to kyoshi were discussed.
4/10 c5 3Double 0 Ninja
I've absolutely loved this story since the first chapter!

I am trying my very hardest not to gush about how much I'm looking forward to more right now.
4/2 c5 newboy
It might be wise to have the granddaughter of the old governor keep the position if she does well enough.

One other thing, the assassin that Zuko center after the avatars group, that Combustion man. If possible it might be wise for him to recall the assassin, he might have a better use for him closer to home, or on the war front. I do not believe that Zuko actually wants to continue the war effort, at this point he probably thinks they have more then enough territory, however if they are attacked, the assassin might prove handy until he car refil the fire nations ranks of soldiers with earthbenders and earth kingdom people.
3/24 c5 NotEnoughPixels
This is a really interesting take on some less used Avatar lore. I look forward to seeing how this all plays out!
3/23 c2 Yifto
my god I love Azula, you can make so many different azulas it's great.
3/15 c5 1hellfire45
Good chapter and I can’t wait to see what happens next and I am really interested in see what will happen with iroh
3/11 c5 SonicTundra
I thought it was an interesting history to the avatar that most have been very un Aang like
3/9 c5 1Leeam-Devin
Im glad to get another chapter of this story.
Azula and Zuko working together is as usual a pleasure and the Fire Nation politics does work into that as well. Good work and I hope to get a new chapter soon.
3/8 c5 1LunarCatNinja
I love it! Souch going on and it's all so good!
3/8 c5 24Death Fury
3/8 c1 2Valkorion510
Fantastic story
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