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for Flames of Regicide

10/19 c3 Everpeach
I'm disappointed they didn't pull a Weekend at Bernies with Ozai.
10/14 c3 1Leeam-Devin
Well that was a pleasant fic so far.
And Id say Azula is pretty much canon in here, we just never got to know her the way we did Zuko over the course of season 1 and 2.
I enjoyed the whole story to this point and really hope we will get more of this, as I am a fan of Azula and Fire Siblings team ups. I think the two can do something, that is very important in the world ov Avatar...and probably in the real world, too.
Balance each other.
10/7 c1 Guest
Lol, that's kinda of funny
10/7 c2 10Rhavis
Holy fucking shit that last line.

I... I don't have a clue what to say here. Azula needs hugs. And Headpats. But mostly hugs. Fucking hell.
10/7 c1 49Jaenera Targaryen
I am...unsurprised, that Ozai would have been proud of Zuko in his last moments. Zuko didn't hesitate to strike him down. In that sense, no matter what Zuko had told him in the preceding moments, deep down, Zuko IS Ozai's son, whether Zuko realizes it or not. And that's enough for Ozai. His legacy is secure.
10/1 c3 gangui
9/28 c3 AllmeDrivs
i dont read much avatar fanfiction, but this concept seems refreshing, new and interesting to me; An azula who has always wanted the best for her brother but in a pragmatic way. At least in my opinion. I only hope there's proper sibling bonding fluff :}. Thanks for the read so far
9/28 c3 Guest
Found this fic today, and I'm absolutely in love with it
9/22 c3 Guest
All hail his Zuzuness, Firelord Dumdum

I can hear Azulas voice Hahahaha
9/22 c3 Guest
I want Ty Lee," Azula said bluntly.

"I'm sure you do," Mai stated flatly.

Mai knows HAHAHA
9/22 c2 Guest
I stand by my statement
If azula is with zuko since the beginning, ATLA would've ended in season 1
9/22 c1 Guest
Yes finally a damn good azula fic. She's my fab and I'm tired of people bashing her.
A fic I can finally enjoy
9/18 c1 Dcraus
Rising of the Shield Hero and Game of Thrones crossover
9/17 c1 Anonymous
Interesting set up, the siblings’ partnership will be enjoyable with Azula continuing to taunt and trip him up. Will be curious about how the Gaang takes this change.
9/16 c3 GNTR96
Great chapter. I'm eager to see the next one. See you at the next time.
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