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for Flames of Regicide

3/8 c5 1LunarCatNinja
I love it! Souch going on and it's all so good!
3/8 c5 25Death Fury
3/8 c1 2Valkorion510
Fantastic story
3/7 c5 3Marsjan
I'm honesty curious about avatar gang reaction to Ozai death and reason behind this
3/7 c5 3DarkFusion
Glad to read a new chapter; as always you're doing great at the character interactions be Zuko and Azula reacting to Tohp being a Metal Bender, a little cute moment between Zuko and Mai and also the bit at the end showing how the two siblings are slowly but surely reconciling. Also liking the start of Zuko and co. taking the reigns of the political fallout of Ozai's death. I eagerly await the next chapter.
3/7 c5 GNTR96
I love this fic No doute about that. What you got for us next? Hope we'll see you soon.
3/6 c5 6CoziB
This is so good. The realagipmship building you have for Azula and Zuko is amazing. I’m like, wow.
3/6 c5 21edboy4926
Awesome chapter.
3/6 c1 1TheReckless1One
It is funny that War Minister Quin is so worried about being blamed for the firelord's death. I was laughing at his fears and Azula and Zuko's sibling dynamic is seriously cute.

So their worried about a metal bender... wait till they meet Hama. I mean, their worried about people turning metal tanks into death traps; when they learn that a teenage girl can twist their arms under a full moon, team regicide would be dropping bricks.

Excellent chapter, hope to read more soon.
3/6 c5 Guest
Its been too long! Welcome back and thank you for this interesting chapter; I am looking forward to the next ones :)
3/6 c5 10dan heron
hee, I'm really enjoying Zuko surprising Azula from time to time. He's pretty wordly in a way Azula just can't understand
3/6 c5 sun1995
very good Story. Hope there will be much more.
Cant wait for the next Chapter to come out:)
3/6 c5 1Someguy the anon
zuko's bounty in toph: the one to bring her head iwont have to pay taxes. ever. imagine the amount of money nobles would throw behind that.
3/6 c5 9Kolomte'49
I must say, I like the way you handle all the war business. And the prospect for and against Zuko towards Iroh is really interesting.
It is also an interesting fact that the Fire Nation would not have focused on Toph for the same thing you point out.
It will certainly be interesting to see if you mix the events shown in the comics that follow the show.
But the most interesting thing is to see how Aang will respond. In my opinion, the whole war would have been avoided if Roku had tried to convince the Fire Lord to avoid the war to share his nation's technology. He along with the rest of the last Avatars (as demonstrated in the series) had simply kept the Status quo without allowing social progress.
And unfortunately, Aang is in favor of that ideology. More than anything, because traditions are the only thing he has left to feel connected to his almost extinct culture.
Don't get me wrong, what happened to one of the temples was one of the things that bothered me the most. But after that experience, Aang was easily altered to any drastic change, or that would damage the customs of 100 years ago. If your dispute with Toph in comics, it proves something.
I look forward to seeing how this will unwrap.
3/6 c5 James-is-a-Fanboy
This was cute! And interesting! I loved all the bonding and also YES FINALLY SOMEONE ACKNOWLEDGES THAT TOPH IS TECHNICALLY MORE OF A THREAT THAN AANG, I mean let’s be real, she could’ve probably dealt with the Fire Lord herself
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