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for Flames of Regicide

3/6 c5 1wildtrance
This is on par with the fic that has Zuko and fellow firebenders part dragon. It’s glorious.
3/6 c5 gangui
EPIC STORY please find a way to make zuko stronger i WOULD love a fight between him and Aang like a real fight using his swords and creative use of bending like smoke etc... also if you could have Agni give him a sort of Sage mode like naruto that would be epic to make him at least on the same level of power as aang cause tbh the avatar state is the definition of op and It would take something to stop the avatar to just go fuck the fire nation and rampage through the palace like roku did anyway epic chapter update soon !
3/6 c5 1Cyrannus
If there is one thing I enjoy the most about your stories is how you take little things from the show that most people would just think “wow, cool!” and breakdown and dissect the real world implications in universe. It hadn’t crossed my mind to think how the Fire Nation would react to the discovery of metalbending (I mean objectively I knew that they knew about it after Black Sun, but that’s it). I look forward to more of this and your other stories.
3/6 c5 apostlelord
loved the chapter.
3/6 c5 10Rhavis
I think Azula and Zuko's brother-sister moments are the absolute best parts of this fic so far.

Though you should probably run an error check once or twice before posting in the future, because there's a couple errors.
3/6 c5 Guest
Loving how this is developing cant wait to see how they deal with the war council and the gaang keep up the good work :)
3/6 c5 Laval Asher
Great 5th chapter.
3/6 c5 2Dinobotrex
Great chapter, the looming danger that Azula poses with the loyalty of the Dai Li is interesting. I wonder if Zuko would have to carry out a show of power and show them they should be loyal to only him. I do hope for a Gaang victory though. Also I don’t think anyone in ATLA that isn’t an avatar should be considered as dangerous as Aang, he holds a VERY tight leash on his bending and if he just let go, his air bending alone could and would wipe away anyone in his path to balance. He cut a wasp vulture in half form a mile away with only airbending in the desert.
3/6 c5 25Order of Alignment
Fire Nation politics here we come. Although, Zulo might want to deal woth the fact that Kuei is out there somewhere, doing something.

...Eh, actually, it'll be fine. it's Kuei. He can't do much anyways.

I look forward to the next installment.
3/6 c5 6Dragon Blaze-X
Dope really digging the path of a king
3/6 c5 MeteorElDrago
Great chapter.
3/6 c5 davidkline177
well made chapter I like it
3/6 c5 OneBlueDemon
I adore this more than I thought I could
3/6 c5 8Morinoka159
You should totally join Dark Wolf Shiro's Discord Channel if you aren't already there!
3/6 c5 bubbatrump16
Wowowowowow I’m a slut for Fire Nation politics so I ADORED this chapter! Especially Zuko’s dilemma about Iroh, it doesnt make sense politically for Zuko to pardon him for treason, and I already know that Iroh would most likely be disappointed in Zuko. Oh shit Iroh escaped during the invasion didn’t he? Does that mean he’s going to teach Aang and then we’re going to get an Irohthe Gaang vs ZukoAzula, Mai, Ty Lee and the Fire Nation? That would be a dream come true! Glad to see our Fire Siblings develop their relationship more! They really are terrifying when they work together, I can’t think really think of anything they couldn’t do if they tried
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