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for Re: Kamen Rider Zi-O

8/25 c1 25Dash master 48
Pretty good start. Zi-O was a bit of a rubbish series so I’m looking forward to seeing how you interpret it!
8/22 c1 MKDemiGodzilla-Warrior
Hm...this is a very interesting interpretation of Zi-O. It is also nice that we explore the apocalyptic future as the show didn’t exactly do it as much; most of the time there was mainly to fight Oma Zi-O. I am curious though as to how you’re going to interpret how Geiz gets the Ghost and Drive ride watches because the show never really explore or showcase how Geiz even stole those ride watches in the first place considering how powerful Oma Zi-O is after all. Anyway, curious to see what you’re going to do for part 2.

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