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for Not Your Fault

4/8 c30 16HylianEngineer
This was lovely. I adore the strange and convoluted details of Not Chess. It seems like exactly the sort of thing three teenage boys would come up with given immortality and way too much free time.
4/8 c27 HylianEngineer
Poor Charlie... He thinks Bella's gona, doesn't he? He'll never know what happened to her, or that he has a granddaughter. She'll never see him again.
4/8 c17 HylianEngineer
Carlisle is such a good dad. I feel bad for Charlie, knowing that he isn't the parent his daughter needs, but he's really not helping the situation.
10/17/2020 c30 4TheMortalTwilight
I loved this story!
10/7/2020 c30 5Bell 1
What to say... well... I started reading this because I thought it would end up being a Carlisle/Bella pair story, but was disappointed to learn it wasn't... not really, at least, not what I wanted, or expected.

HOWEVER, it was a good story, just the same. Carlisle was so good with Bella, a true, loving father. Seeing him this way with Bella did make the story worth reading.

Also, I didn't want her to end back up with "that one", but she did... she's happy... the family is happy, so, good story for those reasons. :)

I think my favorite, and yet, least favorite part was Charlie's realizations from his interrogation of Carlisle outside (before Carlisle left for good). With that is the part where they went to see the wolves before they left. That was such a beautiful ending for that group, who was another family to Bella... just not the one mourned and needed. The other thing with Charlie... I felt so bad for him when he saw how Bella was doing better when Carlisle returned. Definitely not easy for a father. :(

I also enjoyed how Rosalie's stance on Bella changed. :) And how her "siblings" all were when they met up with her again. :D And that chess game sounds quite interesting. LOL

Good poem at the end too. :D
9/30/2020 c30 27FaithSummers210
this was so perfect. I'm really glad I finally finished it.
9/26/2020 c29 1Pitynostars
Okay I love this. And I like how the werewolves are understanding.
9/26/2020 c28 Pitynostars
I love this! You go Charlie! It’s sad but it’s also super awesome. Ig that’s where Bella got it from, and ig that’s also why he’s a good cop. (Presumably. Lol)
9/24/2020 c30 9nickaroos
Thank you for this lovely story. It was very enjoyable.
9/24/2020 c28 nickaroos
I so appreciate Charlie’s confrontation of Carlisle here. It serves him well and shows where Bella got it from.
9/23/2020 c23 nickaroos
I’m so enjoying watching Carlisle and Esme be a little mean spirited. It’s quite fun and silly.
9/22/2020 c30 denyana
I don't understand why everybody wants to put Bella with Edward. Here he's an asshole who ignores her the entire time and she just ignores all the shit he did and falls at his feet.
9/19/2020 c30 FabinaForever11
Awesome story!
9/17/2020 c28 Meghan

This is amazing! I have just sat and read it in one! You wrighting is so much better than the original books!
I think this is far more relaistic of what would have happened and not just Bella pushing over and getting over the trauma instantly!
The only thing is that Bella hardly wanted to call Charlie and Renee mum and dad so I don't think she would have switched so quickly to calling C&E mum and dad.
But it's an amazing story! I think my boss is going to kill me as I have now read it all instead of doing any work!
Thank you for sharing your talent!
9/19/2020 c1 4Sunshine picklelime
This is so amazing
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