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10/11 c5 3ChiTown4ever
I really appreciate Erin's gentleness and kindness in spite of everything she's been through. I hope she decides to leave the cave for help, though I can imagine how terrifying the idea of freedom would be after being a prisoner for so long.
10/11 c5 Starreaderxd
OOOOOHHHH! ALL MY HOPES ARE ON ERIN! PLEASE LET HER ESCAPE! I wonder if she does escape, will the lads believe her? she's Djaq and Marian's only hope! I can't wait for the next chapter!
9/28 c4 ChiTown4ever
This story is so intense and I am loving it. I was horribly surprised by what the knights were doing to Marian. I hope they are rescued, or make their way out of there, soon. but then I can only imagine the amount of healing he 3 women will have after they are safe. I've already started hoping that Erin finds love. Marian moving rwill have Robin, Djaq will have Will ,and poor Erin has been through so much more and shut her emotions off. I hope she has someone to help her in the aftermath.
9/28 c4 Starreaderxd
I really hope that the girls get out of there soon or that Robin and the gang find them, I don't care as long as they are safe, I'm really worried about what are the Black Knights planing!
9/13 c3 Starreaderxd
God! this is brilliant! I can't wait for the next part! XD
9/12 c3 ChiTown4ever
What a good chapter! Will's intense emotion and the way he sees Robin's despair and panic was so moving.
I really,really hope something happens to interfere before the worst happens to Marian.
8/31 c2 ChiTown4ever
I really like how you're writing Marian and Djaq. You captured their personalities and tendencies. The way Marian is a little more reserved and Djaq is nurturing.
Another good chapter!
8/30 c1 ChiTown4ever
This is a fantastic story and well written, so great to read! I'm looking forward to the next chapter!
8/24 c1 Starreaderxd
I'm looking forward to read the next chapter! I really like the story! XD

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