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21h c6 MumeiMyLove
I love your story very much, will be waiting for more
11/27 c6 1AsianIncursio
Anyone else get "Are ya winning son?" vibes everytime Azrael refers to his Father? Is it just me? Anyways, good stuff. I enjoy this story quite a bit.
11/18 c6 void242
Could you list the domains he has? Anyway great chapter.
11/17 c6 Basti0n
Love it, I like the pacing it’s nice to see an MC who doesn’t go full murder-hobo
11/16 c6 Moises Garcia Jimenez
This is good
11/16 c6 Ptwilson
It was worth the wait
11/16 c6 JKingSniper
Trying to steal MC's magic and claim him unworthy
of course she is lol
looking for more update
11/16 c4 JKingSniper
Rereading since it's been so long
still love this
11/16 c6 3frytrix
Looking forward to read more.
Missed the story.
11/15 c6 6Wade98
All that wait, and you leave off on one hell of a cliffhanger? Damn.
11/15 c6 1Jamius
Thanks for the update. Sometimes I had a bit of trouble following who was saying what(as in what people were in a scene cause of the scene changes). But its fine. Just consider editing it a bit. If you don’t get any ideas on how, that is fine, maybe just bold the scene changes for other people. Maybe, anyways good chapter.
11/15 c6 vparadox12122000
Well danm, theat new domain will help a lot.
Great work on this chapter dude.
11/15 c6 Westrannor
Take as long as you need, this story is awesome with it's potential. Awesome chapter, thanks for putting in the hard work to make it!
11/15 c6 PasiveNox
great chapter wonderful nice
11/15 c6 Noahbadoah
thanks for the chapter! I really love this story! It’s one of the few stories that I know of that really grasps one of the points in fantasy that I really wish was more fleshed out(a path to godhood, or a path to becoming the strongest god). I can already tell that this story has a high power ceiling(how strong someone can get, reasonably or otherwise) which is something I wish more stories had. Though, there are a few ways that I can think of for you to flesh out his journey a bit more(this is a SUGGESTION for the story going forward). The first would be to bulk up the amount of Grimm there are in the world(amount and variety) with a few exceptionally strong ones(stronger than, and unknown to Salem, able to challenge the MC for some time yet. “Merely Myth”). Another, would be some form of rival/antagonist of godly proportions. And of course, you can’t forget that just because he is practically(I don’t remember if he’s still a demigod or something) a god, that doesn’t mean his company can do anything without interference. He has too many advantages to be defeated by any company head on, however he’ll still likely deal with a lot of subterfuge. He can’t just bulldoze his way through the business world, though from what I’ve e seen so far you’ve probably already implemented such a story element. Anyways, keep up the good work!
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