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10/11 c11 Guest
I like it so far I would love to see lex find out the secret by being transported to the fortress with lex and Chloe maybe with lex's help clark can avoid the meteor shower and the zone goons.
10/1 c11 52SJlikeslists
Yay for family feels and brotherly bonding at the start!
I look forward to seeing how the Chloe storyline will go with the new dynamics in place when you return.
10/1 c10 SJlikeslists
At this point, I feel like I need to start each review with a standard "And I still despise Lionel." ;)
I found that bit at the end a tension breaker that I apparently needed because I chuckled when Jonathan reminded him to call about dinner. "Okay, boys, do your planning and risking of your lives against the sociopath, but that is no excuse for missing meals." lol
9/28 c11 9Stevonnie-U
Enjoy your break. The anticipation might kill me, but not too much, so don't stress.
9/28 c11 3SeaKat
I'll be missing you during Oct but can't wait for the next chapter!
9/25 c10 9Stevonnie-U
*hugs Lex*
9/25 c10 3SeaKat
I'm living for this! I can't wait to see what angles you take with this
9/23 c9 52SJlikeslists
Lionel better learn to stop messing with Martha's babies. I dearly hope that I get to see the after effects when the man finally realizes that.
9/23 c8 SJlikeslists
It's a really tough line that Jonathan is trying to walk here, but it seems to be going about as well as can be expected with the circumstances.
9/21 c9 9Stevonnie-U
Listen to your mother, Lex
9/21 c9 2Apfane Chan
ah Lionel needs to go down, if only he could be used as a vessel by Jor-El sooner rather than later, but oh well... anyway one day Lex will have to learn the truth, maybe it will be the reveal at the end of the season ?
9/21 c9 3SeaKat
Love this so much! I will try to patiently wait until the next chapter
9/18 c8 2Apfane Chan
this is getting a bit complicated, nice work here Jonathan
9/18 c8 9Stevonnie-U
I hate Lionel so much
9/18 c8 3SeaKat
I really hope they don't start hiding thingsxfrom Lex again. It would break my heart if they push him away...
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